Three agents much wealthier after summer transfers

Gareth Thomas Football, Football features 2 Comments

  Every transfer window there tends to be a big move, even in the winter January window. Whilst the players are the ones who make the headlines, earn the mega wages and sell the shirts with their names on the back, there is a group of people who allow all that to happen… Agents. Agents are often given a bad …

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Are young English footballers getting too sidetracked by money?

Ashley Football 3 Comments

Raheem Sterling and Alex Oxlade Chamberlain – to name but two young English players  – are they under performing because they have the cash and aren’t hungry enough any more asks Julius… In Britain alone, youth unemployment stands at 20%. Spain’s youngest workers are only half employed. Greece’s 16-24 year olds are 60% unemployed. Raheem Sterling is on £30,000 a …

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