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The Terry Richardson Casio Collaboration

By Laura on September 28th, 2011

Terry Richardson, yeah the pervy guy behind American Apparel, recently released a double book, called “Mom & Dad.” To launch the book, the world acclaimed photographer Richardson, is exhibiting picture of his parents at the Colotte in Paris.

The exhibition is joined by a small pop-up store, which includes a selection of products such as t-shirts, G-shock and BabyG Casio watches. Despite what we may think of Richardson, these watches are pretty damn cool. The watches come in a brilliant red plaid, mimicking his trademark button-down shirts.

Mom & Dad is being held at Colette now through November 5 and you can purchase the time pieces online and in store today.

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Get the look: Sea of Shoes’ slouchy Japanese androgyne

By cchapman on July 2nd, 2009

DSC_1694.jpgPerhaps best known for making us all sick with her seemingly inexhaustible spending power and ability to travel the world at will, teen blogger Sea of Shoes occasionally turns up a stunning male fashion image on her way. I love this image of the young Japanese hipster, something about the worn insouciance of his outfit which looks designer but is probably a collection of vintage/well loved items. Of course, his girly frame might not be what one can aspire to/or desire but the mix of slouchy, black faded jersey and killer boots is one that could translate well into something more rugged.

My first thought when trying to assemble a similar look was Rick Owens. But with OkiNi Rick Owens stock (at least in black) thin on the ground, American Apparel present a much more affordable alternative. Their slim jersey pants and a short sleeved hooded T are definitely on the mark. Leaving you cash to splash on some killer boots like Paul Smith’s orientalist Kasmin boots or try vintage stores for something slouchy in brown.

Main image, Sea of Shoes blog

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White jeans: only in summer

By Colin Chapman on May 29th, 2009

Club_Tropicana.jpgSummer is definitely fashion’s silliest season, when you can throw (some) caution to the wind and don styles you wouldn’t normally be seen dead in. With this in mind, how about some white jeans? Instantly reminiscent of Club Tropicana-era Wham, act up the Euro playboy with a strong-coloured V-neck T-shirt from American Apparel (lavender, pink, mint) and a floral print. These jeans from Acne break the pristine mold by adding horizontal rips at the thigh, whilst with these hibiscus-print espadrilles who needs a Hawaiian shirt? With a liberal splash of Kouros you will be ready to tear up the dancefloors of Europe .. just don’t forget to pack the Vanish stick.

Mic White Trashed Jeans: Acne, Hibiscus print espadrilles, ASOS

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Nike Air Max 1 OG Re-Re-Re-Release

By Jonathan Smith on May 21st, 2009


Right kids it’s time to lower the tone with some sneaker news: the universally beloved Air Max 1 OG is back for another innings at Overkill. The Air Max 1 was first released in this original colourway back in 1987 and has periodically been re-released to rapturous hype every time. The AM1 OG has since gone down as one of the most loved colourways of one of the most loved trainer of all time making a real, but accessible collectors item.

This time the Max is slated for release the end of June just as the summer should really be kicking in so why not team a pair with some skinny faded Cheap Mondays from Urban Outfitters and a colourful SS-Tee from American Apparel. Sorted.

[Via: Overkill]


Bleached out: summer colours take a beating

By Colin Chapman on May 19th, 2009

However hesitant the sun may be about sharing its rays with the good folk of Britain, with a little imagination you can step right into summer by wearing the latest sun-bleached, faded colours and prints. Imagine the pink suggested by the red heart on an IheartNY white T-shirt seen inside-out, and you have the shade. Pink, ironically, has a recent association with hooligan chav-dom in the UK, but faded back to barely-there, fleshy pinkness it loses it’s Casual associations and becomes something more nostalgic.

ASOS are big on faded prints and colours this summer, from the faded floral of these shorts, to the bleached out brick tones of their chino shorts. Meanwhile, ever colour-conscious American Apparel‘s super-pale pink V-necked T-shirt is an old favourite that always charms.

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Woody Allen vs. American Apparel: Dov, Drama and $5 million!

By Will Reid on May 19th, 2009

photo09.jpgWhen American Apparel president Dov Charney tells the press that he’s “not sorry of expressing myself,” it usually means that he has done something involving hip fashion, knee-high socks and models who are dubiously dewy-skinned. However, in this case, Charney is responding to reports over his recent legal battle with infamous director Woody Allen over American Apparel billboards featuring a screen-cap from Allen’s well-known film, ‘Annie Hall.’ The ads showed Allen in Rabbi clothing and the director has stated that he did not give any permission for the image to be used. Originally asking for $10 million, Allen was today awarded half of that for the supposed damage the ads have done to his reputation (?!)

Let’s just say that if American Apparel wanted to put up a billboard featuring a picture of me I wouldn’t be complaining!

(Source: New York Post)


Dandy on the treadmill: time to spruce your gym-kit

By Colin Chapman on May 7th, 2009

Thumbnail image for yoga_wear.jpgAttending one of East London’s ridiculously trendy gyms as I do, the quota of fashion-focused gym attire is higher than average but there’s still a lot of guys who turn up in washed-out ‘I usually sleep in this but who cares?’ T-shirts and saggy cargo shorts. At the yoga class where Stella McCartney-clad girls are the mainstay, the balance is even worse. Time to sharpen up in the ‘what to wear whilst exercising’ stakes, methinks.

Whilst I’d love to suggest you don an entire Rick Owens selection for your workout, unless you really are married to Gwynnie the prices are prohibitive. Meanwhile, these mainly-bamboo fabric pants will keep you cool and add to your karma. A printed cotton tank adds a bit of visual interest whilst you perfect your downward-facing dog. A classic lozenge-shaped gym bag is essential to sling across those toned shoulders on the way out. An attention to detail with simple, considered choices is the way to go – American Apparel-sponsored 80s irony is definitely wearing thin.

Deluxe yoga mat, Agoy, bamboo sweatpants Bam, printed tank, ASOS, bag APC.

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Sexy Grandad: the placket goes deep

By Colin Chapman on May 6th, 2009

placket.jpgLooking for something a tad smarter than a regular T-shirt to wear into the office as the weather heats up? The deep-placket top seems to be filling the spot previously filled by the polo shirt in recent years, as a smarter alternative to the T-shirt. Whilst being a particularly nasty word – a placket – the double layer of fabric holding buttons or poppers at the neckline of a shirt (clearly I’m on a mission to decipher obscure fashion terms this week!) adds a touch of grandad-shirt smartness to an otherwise basic top. As with the deep-V popularised by American Apparel, the current trend for plackets is depth. This enables you to stay buttoned-up at your desk whilst giving you the option to reveal your man-cleavage in the pub beer garden come hometime. And options are always nice.

L: Reiss at ASOS, R: Unconditional at Oak NYC


Dyshaun: Stylista’s only male contender ..

By Colin Chapman on April 1st, 2009

If, like me, you’re glued to Fiver‘s Stylista, you’ll have spotted contestant Dyshaun. In the show where 10 contestants battle (literally) to win an editorial position at Elle‘s NY offices and a rent-paid apartment for a year, the male candidates haven’t set much of an example in the style stakes, except for Dyshaun. He’s a trend follower rather than a setter, but is always impeccably groomed and has a great eye for colour. Highlights include his slouchy beanie, worn just so, those great glasses and a rather lovely Louis Vuitton scarf and American Apparel T combination in the royalest of blues. He also works the shirt, tie and jeans look with great panache.

Not that he’s had much competition, early loser Arnaldo had very promising hair but not much else. Panic-attackee Jason didn’t even have the benefit of great hair. Whilst William, the the only British-born contestant, started off as a Clockwork Orange punk but pouted himself out of the game without much elegance.

So, Dyshaun definitely the winner in the male Stylista stakes and worth taking note of for his grooming and accessorising skills. But what a bitch!

Images: Stylista Fanatic

Stylista is shown on digital channels Fiver and Five on Demand (freeview).

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Top Five: Will’s Summer Wants!

By Will Reid on March 26th, 2009

Last summer I was down at Shiny Towers and the gloriously hot days were spent writing, chatting with my fellow Shinies, trying on Drop-Crotch jeans and touring the streets in search of aspirational street style. But despite all the joviality I didn’t quite anticipate the weather (although I refuse to take the blame for that one- when was the last time we had a proper summer?) and ended up the innocent victim of SSS (that’s Skinny jeans in Summer Syndrome.) This summer I am determined to get it right, which is why I have compiled this list of fashion needs (okay, wants.)

Thumbnail image for DSC00603.JPGb.JPG1. Lots of Extra-Hold Hairspray
Since Christmas and a happy accident haircut, I have been living with a bit of an 80s asymmetrical style. My super-thick hair means that I have to use extra-hold products which are effective but grease-free; the wet fro is never a good look! I will need lots of hairspray to combat the heat.

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Beats in Space: ace T-shirts

By Colin Chapman on March 18th, 2009

Beats In Space is a radio show mixed live by Tim Sweeney and guests in New York City every Tuesday with the very best in guests playing music of a disco persuasion. He’s even had Kim-Ann Foxman on dammit! And now you can get the T-shirt too. Featuring a retina-boggling, two color design somehow recalling 1950s Beatnik book covers, the T-shirt does indeed say Beats In Space – though you may need to be off your face to read it.

Printed using environment-friendly, non-toxic, water-based paints, printed on white American Apparel 50/50 Poly-Cotton T-shirts designed “to feel like you’ve owned it for years the moment you put it on”. This is the latest in a line of recent T-shirt collaborations with that extra bit of attention applied.

Available online from RVNG

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More trouser options: joggers and (gulp) the drop crotch sweatpant

By Colin Chapman on February 24th, 2009

joggers.jpgFurther to my post about new trouser shapes yesterday, the drop crotch has definitely arrived. East London was awash with them at the weekend (mostly looking ace) and a quick search of the interweb reveals that Oak – New York’s directional boutique/web store – have sold out of the now-cult Corpus drop crotch sweatpants a couple of times over.

It’s not a look that will appeal to all – the harem shape is easier for women to carry off – glammed up with a shimmery fabric, a bit of gathering and some heels. For us guys, there’s a risk that you’ll look like you’re wearing a big nappy under those sweatpants. I can feel an Alexis Petridis piece in The Guardian mag coming on..

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Seen on the street: old-school canvas rucksacks

By Colin Chapman on February 5th, 2009

Thumbnail image for Duluth_Wanderer_rucksack.jpg
Sometimes online shopping can be as exhausting as a trudge round the real shops (remember them?) So whilst all the coolest backs in town seem to have an old-school canvas rucksack slung across them, tracking said item down online is more tricky. ASOS had the most perfect option by Cuckoo but are now out of stock. If like me you lack the patience to request a restock, what else is out there? Foregoing the sometimes-scary world of army surplus sites (gas mask anyone?) there are still some options online.

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Stock up on t-shirts for summer: 80′s Purple

By Colin Chapman on January 13th, 2009


America has always been the place to pick up cool T-shirts. Whether Hanes or (more recently) American Apparel, heavy duty 100% cotton T-s are an American staple. And there’s certainly no shortage of Stateside design talent when it comes to T-shirt graphics. Many of the best are available from 80′s Purple online. Costing approximately half the price they would here, it’s worth investing in a few at a time to make the postage worthwhile. Stock up now and be the envy of your friends this summer.

L: Beautiful Decay, Spaghetti/R: OBEY, Obama Yes We Did from 80′s Purple

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Return of…the WISHLIST! Unisex Circle Scarf from American Apparel

By Will Reid on January 13th, 2009

RSA0503_01.jpgPost-Christmas and the inevitable unwrapping, posing and dressing that occurs as a direct result, I find myself on the hunt for new purchases to slyly absorb into my wardrobe (NYE Resolution: hide fewer credit card bills!)

I have decided to bring back an old Brandish feature- the ‘Wishlist.’ I begin with the ‘Unisex Circle Scarf’ from American Apparel. The scarf can be worn a mesmerising 12 ways for girls (as shown in a diagram on the label’s website,) but I think us boys could get just as much fun out of this great winter accessory.

The scarf costs £21 on-line and comes in 11 colours. A more affordable Wishlist so far!

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