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Back to the 90′s…

By Jonathan Smith on December 16th, 2008

I’ve always been of the opinion that my shoes lack the neon effect of a porn shop window, which is why I nearly shit a brick when I saw this video. These light up neon laces are the focus point of a pair of Solebox x Puma collaborative sneakers, which will hopefully be released soon- perhaps coming a little late for New Rave however there are probably a few hangers on out there, after all American Apparel is still doing business…

[Via: Soulbox]


Kiehls and American Apparel make winter sun shopping a doddle

By Colin Chapman on December 7th, 2008

Off on a winter sun break? Picking up essentials for a trip at this time of year can be a shopping challenge as you try to locate that single dusty shelf of sun lotion amongst all the Christmas fare. With some clever choices, you can cut this down to a couple of visits.

First stop: Kielhls. Ultra Facial Moisturiser SPF15 doubles up as a daily moisturiser whilst helping to protect your face from any UV damage. Their ultra-light Hair Conditioner and Grooming Formula can be used as a leave-in that stops your hair drying out and keeps that side parting in place. Burts Bee’s lip balm (John Lewis) is an essential and lasts forever.

Meanwhile, American Apparel stock swimming shorts all year long so you don’t have to risk poolside shame in those baggy nylon trunks from the remainders bin. Pick up a light scarf and cardi for cooler evenings and you’re all set.
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Yay or Nay?- American Apparel Unisex Winter Ski Hood

By Will Reid on November 13th, 2008

aa.jpgAmerican Apparel is a brand that I can’t help but be suspicious of. Yes, the adverts are provocative. Yes, Dov Charney supposedly walks around his office naked. Yes, their shop assistants look like they’ve just walked out of a NYLON spread. My problem is that whenever I see someone wearing American Apparel, it tends to be the case that it is the not the clothes that are great but how they are styled.

I can’t imagine this ‘Winter Ski Hood’ (£10) looking good on anyone who isn’t a model but I am wary of giving it a firm ‘Nay’ as I just know that as soon as this post is published, some edgy fashion editor will decree it the It-item of the season.

What do you think? Vote in our poll!

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Brandish Poll: Would You Wear Unisex Clothing?

By Will Reid on September 23rd, 2008


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American Apparel, the brand synonymous with androgyny and men in skintight jeans, has just launched their Unisex Oxford Shirt. I have three sisters and I’m no stranger to borrowing the odd jumper (actually, that would be reclaiming,) and I have in past borrowed Ralph Lauren shirts and vintage blazers for a better fit and a slimmer silhouette. Russell Brand, a man who walks on to a talk-show in a jersey tunic dress and girl’s jeans from Topshop but still manages to be a sex god, would be a great example of unisex dressing at its best but what do you think? Is it worth the sartorial risk when you might see a girl in the same tee as you?

Would you go Unisex- vote in our poll after the jump!

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Hipsters are dead, long live hipsters?

By admin on August 18th, 2008

hipster scenester american apparel.jpgThe Independent are talking about global hipsters and the dissolution of traditional trends, name-dropping the usual suspects like Ryan McGinley and Nathan Barley. They call the Truman Brewery “a microcosm of an international phenomenon” which is kind of depressing but overall it’s an interesting article, describing the change in trend adoption from a vertical or trickle down movement to a lateral one largely thanks to the internet.

It’s a mostly upbeat article but it does slag off Uniqlo‘s pre-trendification era saying it was thought of as “a cheap and nasty Asian C&A equivalent” in 2004. Err, by whom?! Certainly not yours truly. Anyway if that’s all a little too fluffy read this Adbusters article on Hipsterism where Douglas Haddow calls it the ‘Dead End of Western Civilization’.

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Would you buy from a company that had an unsavoury owner?

By admin on June 5th, 2008

Dov Charney.jpg

I bring this up because the Guardian has an article about American Apparel’s founder Dov Charney, focusing on a recent sexual harassment case of his and talking about his previous sexual harassment cases. Just how much does the owner of a company affect whether you buy their product?

On one hand American Apparel don’t use sweatshops and make affordable ethical clothing, although the quality on some of the pieces could be improved. But on the other hand, you have an owner who has had multiple sexual harassment charges brought against him, a marketing campaign that is offensive to some and – despite what some might say – devoid of irony. It becomes a question of which is the lesser evil and the answer isn’t a simple one.

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Ksubi x Kanye sunglasses collection

By admin on May 8th, 2008


It’s rare to see a hip-hop artist so readily accepted by the fashion elite like Kanye West has been. The only other contender is Andre 3000. However, Mr. West is on a level of his own when it comes to designer collaborations. In addition to his Air Yeezys, his clothing label Pastelle also has an upcoming sunglasses collection with Ksubi.

While they look great, they also look pretty similar to the American Apparel sunglasses Isabelle posted yesterday. As the amount of sunglass designs are limited at best, this usually wouldn’t be a problem. But seeing as the AA glasses are going for £30 and Ksubi’s own glasses are retailing at around £100, it’s a bit ridiculous to try and sell these for $2000. If price is no object to you, then you can get these from October.


Monsoon’s Brisbane sunglasses vs American Apparel vintage

By admin on May 7th, 2008

monsoon sunglasses.jpg
I always feel like an idiot when I wear sunglasses, so this summer I’m on the hunt for some sunnies that have a little je ne sais quoi without making me look like a you know what.
Monsoon’s Brisbane sunglasses (£18) are pretty cool, I like the way they sublty allude to the ’80s without the full-on twattish moronic references. Mind you if you are going to wear sunnies you may as well go the whole hog and have some fun right? American Apparel’s retro shades are £30, pretty hot and now I’m feeling a little confused.

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Fundies: ‘the underwear built for two’

By admin on April 7th, 2008

fundies underwear for two.jpg
Essentially a large pair of pants, Fundies allow you to share undergarment space with a loved one; I’ve never seen anything quite like it before but they are up for grabs on eBay for $4.99 (link kind of nsfw). Why Dov Charney hasn’t picked up on this and decided to release a range of Fundies modelled by a pair skittish underlings I don’t know, it seems perfect for the brand.

If American Apparel decide to get in on the Fundies idea I definitely want full recognition though, perhaps in the form of a pair of gold lamé legging Fundies.


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Woody Allen Sues American Apparel

By Will Reid on April 2nd, 2008

American-Apparel.jpgNow this little snippet of news has honestly made my day. Who would’ve guessed it but according to Vogue UK, Woody Allen is suing American Apparel for $10 million. The magazine reports that Allen “does not engage in the commercial endorsement of products or services in the United States,” and never gave the affordable and fashion-foward label permission to use an image of him dressed as a rabbi (?!) A possible fashion bust-up? At the beginning of a rather dreary month, I (hate to admit it but) hope so.
Brilliant image from Lip Gloss and Pepper Spray


American Apparel sunglasses

By admin on March 28th, 2008


Urban Outfitters are clearly trying to expand their online market. First, they introduce several top quality brands to their online store and then they unleash this collection of sunglasses  on us.

Fighting for the same market as American Apparel has even made them lower their price point, with all these sunnies costing a mere £15.

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Aston 12 Sunglasses

By admin on March 14th, 2008

Although spring isn’t even properly here,
people have already started whipping out the sunglasses. As much as I love
shades, there’s something odd about people who wear them inside, in the dark or
(and this is especially weird) on the underground. What do they have to hide?
How can they see anything? Do they have black eyes? Inevitably, this curiosity
leads me to stare at people in sunglasses like they were zoo exhibits.

But I digress. This pair of Aston 12 Sunglasses
are the coolest mix of aviator and wraparound. I’m not sure you’d want glasses
to cover every side of your viewing area but who cares when it looks this good?
The glasses are £41 and are available from the American Apparel website.

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WISHLIST: Shag Fleece Hoody from American Apparel

By Will Reid on March 7th, 2008

ServeaspAbout a week ago, my colleague Jason posted on a pair of pretty cool purple trainers. Continuing on the trend of purple items (remember what I said about us inheriting last’s season’s woman trends?) I bring you this Shag Fleece Hoody from American Apparel.

It is zip-up and light enough to wear during the summer and thin enough to layer with other items during the colder months- British summer included. It is unisex and therefore more fitted which for some is a devil in disguise. It has a kangaroo pocket and ribbed waistband and cuffs. The shag is on the outside which may sound cheap but trust me is better than the knit-rag effect of having it anywhere else. Available in brown, mustard, blue and soon black, it is little wonder that this is one of the brand’s highest rated items.

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Puma are bringing ’88 back

By admin on February 22nd, 2008

For some reason, it’s always been a chore
to find great plain items. That’s why, after god knows how many years, people
are still searching for the perfect white t-shirt. That search may have been
solved by American Apparel, but what about the perfect white High-tops?

Puma – our
most loved brand
– have sought to answer this question with their First
Round L’s
.  Puma clearly got bored
with getting fashion school students making 80′s knock offs and just started
releasing trainers from their 80′s catalogue instead – and their new range is
all the better for it. The First Round L’s are available from Puma’s website
and cost £60.

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