Why Spurs now have a stronger squad than Arsenal – and this from a Gooner

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Up until this season if you had suggested to an Arsenal fan that their pals at the other end of the Seven Sisters Road had a stronger squad you would have probably been chased all the way back to Edmonton. However, as the season progresses and Arsenal’s results and performances get weirder and weirder, it has become painfully obvious to …

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Gareth Bale – is he going to Real Madrid/Barcelona? And why Spurs might not miss him

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As Arsene Wenger has found to his cost, sell your best players and it becomes very hard to stay a top team. And that’s a dilemma that must be uppermost in the mind of one Andr√© Villas-Boas as he ponders the future of Gareth Bale. There’s no denying the huge talent of the Welsh full back/winger/striker and there are no …

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