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Why the Samsung Galaxy S 4 leaves the Apple iPhone 5 eating dust?

By Stefano on March 14th, 2013

galaxy-s4-launch-topIt is a huge night for Samsung as the Korean maker has unveiled what it hopes will become the hottest phone on the planet  - the Galaxy S4.

The last few years have been an incredible ride for Samsung. It was one of the first makers to respond to the seismic sea change in the industry caused by the arrival of the iPhone and since then it has continued to deliver phones that have been almost the equal of its Apple rival.

All that changed in Spring last year when Samsung took the wraps off the Samsung Galaxy S III a phone that in some tech pundits minds has put some clear water between the flagship handsets of the two companies.

In particular Samsung seemed to have worked out that the way to take on Apple was to offer a larger screen and punters who seem to spend more time now using their smartphones for surfing the web and reading ebooks, loved its 4.8inch display. It made the iPhone 5′s 4.0inch display seem titchy.

But then the Samsung phone also had a great camera, some interesting features like Smart Stay and a very fast processor.

And now Samsung is set to move the goal posts again by launching the Galaxy S4. So which areas does the S4 score significantly over the iPhone 5? Well the bad news for Apple fans is that it is a superior phone is almost every department.

Take the screen – the S4 has a five inch screen – much larger than the iPhone 5′s 4.inch one. The S4′s resolution of 1920×1080 – or around 440 pixels per inch (PPI) – is also significantly superior to the Retina display technology of the iPhone 5.

Or the processor – The S4 features Samsung’s new Exynos 5 eight core processor – the 1.6GHz Exynos 5410. It will be accompanied by a PowerVR SGX 544MP3 graphics chip, 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage. On almost every level that is significantly better than the iPhone 5.

Or the camera – The iPhone 5′s camera is a stunner, but in terms of sheer resolution its eight mega pixel images can’t match the 13 mega pixel ones captured by the S4.

Where the iPhone 5 still has the edge is that gorgeous aluminium finish. It is way classier than the plastic of the Samsung phone. It may have the edge on apps too, but then again so many are available via the Google Play store now that the difference is becoming negligible.

So today was not a good day to be an Apple fanboy or girl. Sure Apple has the next iteration of the iPhone the 5S coming soon. But its screen is likely to be the same as the 5 and there will be many areas in which Samsung still had the lead. Perhaps the big battle for the future of mobile will be between the Galaxy S5 and the iPhone 6.

There’s more on the S 4 here.


Your next smartphone? The HTC One looks good and has some innovative features. In UK stores in March

By Stefano on February 19th, 2013

htc-oneThere’s a big smartphone launch today as Taiwanese maker HTC takes the wraps off its One phone.

Usually phone makers save Spring launches for the Mobile World Congress event which is next week in Barcelona,but HTC have gone early to make sure they get maximum publicity for what might be a make or break phone for the company.

So what’s good about it?

Firstly the basics – it uses Google’s latest operating system, Android Jelly Bean and sports a 4.7in (12cm) 1080p high defintion display.

But it is the body, which is made from pure aluminium that is perhaps its most striking feature. It really looks very classy.

HTC is also making a big play of the camera which they claim is the best on a mobile device. The handset also has an innovative camera mode – HTC Zoe. In short this captures short high definition videos instead of still image, so users can chose the best picture to capture the moment. Furthermore the software can then turn a gallery of still images into a collection of videos

Another key feature is BlinkFeed, which basically enables users to customise the home screen to feature the content of their choosing from both apps and websites.

HTC have lost a lot of market share to Apple and Samsung recently, so they hope that the One will prove to be a success and regain some of that lost ground.

As for UK availability

Three will have the phone for order from Friday 22nd with delivery most likely in March. Vodafone are making a similar promise. It will be on EE’s 4G network from mid-March on a number of 4G plans. One option is to pay £69.99 for the handset on the network’s £41 per month 24-month package. O2 has confirmed it will be selling the phone on March 15th on it’s On&On plan with 2GB data with unlimited calls and unlimited texts.

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