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Apple iPad: the ultimate gadget?

By shinychris on January 27th, 2010

apple iPad.jpg Is this the most desirable gadget ever? Certainly Apple hopes so. After much speculation and rumour-mongering, Apple has finally unveiled its tablet device, called obviously the iPad.

Much like a giant iPhone, it has a huge touchscreen and a ton of apps running on an updated iPhone operating system. Prices start from a staggeringly affordable $499 (£309) up to $829 (£514) and it will be available to buy in just over 2 months time, with 3G enabled models available within 90 days.

So what do we know about the iPad? Well, quite a lot actually. Apple’s announcement today saw the company’s main-man Steve Jobs talk the world through its device, revealing a host of great features and the gear behind all the magic.

First up, the iPad’s size. It’s difficult to ascertain how comfortable the iPad is without touching it, but we do know it’s only half an inch thick despite the massive touchscreen and that it is also surprisingly light.

There’s 10 hours of battery juice from a single charge even while watching video, as well as a 30-pin dock connector on the side for plugging in add-ons such as a fully mechanical keyboard. The iPad will also sync and back data up with your computer via USB.
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