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Ugg Boots for men. Why?

By admin on February 21st, 2008

Why is anyone still wearing Ugg
? I haven’t run a survey or anything, but a lot of people seem to be
wearing them lately. Due to thousands of women deciding to give Uggs a go again,
someone has tried selling Ugg boots to men. Presumably in the mistaken belief
that one idiot will be brave enough to risk looking like they steal their
girlfriends footwear.

Uggs are bad enough on women, they make
whoever’s wearing them look like they just gave up when it comes to footwear. But on men they look horrendous. Still, if any man wants to look like Superted,
they can do so with the help of ASOS.


Yay or Nay – Bib Shirts

By admin on December 14th, 2007

Judging by what a lot of high-street stores
have in stock, bib shirts (like the one to the left) seem to be popular right

I’m not sure why. From a distance it just looks like the wearer has been
sweating profusely in a asymmetrical pattern. Not the look anyone wants to go

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Clothing, Top Five

Top Five: waterproof jackets

By ShinyMedia on May 21st, 2007

TopmanwatersA light waterproof jacket is fast becoming an essential in this changeable weather. The retro nylon bomber is the easiest style to wear (jacket left, from Topman), it looks good with a variety of looks and dress down tailored shorts if you decide to brave them this summer. American Apparel’s jacket is great for layering, pick an unusual colour like their baby pink or caramel. The most technical jacket is also the most pricey, Addict’s anorak has airholes under the arm so you don’t get too schweaty and stows away in its own little bag. See after the jump for rest of the picks and product links.

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