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Got a new iPad/Nexus 7/Kindle Fire HD? Here are the 30 apps to download first!

By Stefano on January 2nd, 2013

Words With Friends (iPad/Android) £1.99

Picture 28 of 30
Picture 28 of 30

This is a hugely popular word game that is, well, not unlike, Scr**ble. It is available on both Android (Nexus and Kindle) and iPad formats and am told, is completely addictive.

Got yourself a new tablet this Christmas. Chances are that you, or some in your home has taken delivery of a new iPad, iPad mini, Galaxy Tab, Nexus 7, Kindle Fire HD or one of those cheapo models that we like so much.

The big question is then what apps should you download first? We have put together a list of 30s apps that we think are absolutely essential. Some are games, some books, some enable you to watch TV, all are very useful and entertaining.

The app falls into several categories. There are genuine tablet apps- eg those created especially for say the iPad. Then there are those which are made for smartphones which will work on tablets in a slightly different way.

The only problem with the Android tablets is that not every app works on every tablet, so for example while Sky Go happily plays with the Google Nexus 7 it won’t work on the Amazon Kindle Fire.

Anyhow most of these apps will work on most of the tablets. And a good percentage are free too – so what are you waiting for?

Christmas 2012 goodies

Brandish Christmas List #1 Roku 2 XS Streaming player

By Stefano on November 12th, 2012

The tech sites tend to bang on a great deal about how the future of telly is smart and that how one day soon all TVs will be able to access the web and deliver not just Facebook and Twitter but also Netflix, BBC iPlayer and more.

But what if you only bought a nice big 42inch LCD set a couple of years ago and don’t fancy upgrading? Well you need an adapter like the Roku 2 XS Streaming player.

This is a small decoder that hooks up to your telly via the HDMI socket and then watch it deliver shed loads of new services. For it to work you need to be able to connect the box to your router or have a fairly reliable and quick wireless connection.

For your investment of a mere £60 (if you buy 2nd hand on Amazon) or £99.99 from elsewhere, you get BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Facebook, Flickr and a load more. This version also includes a few games, but you can buy a more basic box, the LT, which doesn’t have games or full HD and goes for just £50. Roku is a market leader in the US and is constantly adding new services so more may come online over here soon.

If you can bear to wait a little longer then the company’s next generation device is a tiny stick that you plug into your telly. There’s no details on UK launch yet.

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iPhone 5 helps Apple top CoolBrands survey

By Gerald Lynch on September 24th, 2012

iPhone-5-official-thumb-4.pngApple have topped the 2012/2013 CoolBrands survey, compiling which brands are seen as the most cool in the UK each year.

Cherry-picked by a group of key cultural influencers, including celebrities such as musician Carl Barat and DJ Rob da Bank, this year sees tech brands smashing the list, making up 45% of the top 20. Last year, tech brands accounted for just a quarter of the list.

Alongside Apple are tech companies including photography brand Nikon and audio/visual companies Bose and Bang & Olufsen.

So what’s turned tech from geek to chic? We’re putting it down to the Three A-s; accessibility, affordability and aspirational…ability.

Take an iPhone 5; it’s a top-end product, at the cutting edge of design, but you can walk down any highstreet and pick one up from multiple stores. It’s priced at a premium relative to its competitors, but not out of reach of the common man; having a glitzy new iPhone will still make you the envy of your mates without breaking the bank, while an Aston Martin remains the reserve of the super-rich. And the super-rich, in this austerity age of bogus bankers are a vilified gang that are about as cool as Chumbawamba at a Gary Glitter-themed karaoke night.

Free online services further back this up, with BBC iPlayer, Twitter and YouTube all making the top 20 cut.

It’s a sentiment that Stephen Cheliotis, chairman of the CoolBrands Expert Council, mostly echoes:

“It is interesting that in this age of austerity our perception of cool has increasingly shifted from aspirational, luxury brands to free or more affordable brands that provide us with pleasure. The presence of the online brands like BBC iPlayer, Twitter, YouTube and Skype are a great case in point.

“Perhaps, reflective of its lack of success since becoming a public company, Facebook has failed to join its peers in the top 20.”

For Facebook, it seems that overexposure has done it no cool-favours. When everyone and their dog uses a service, it reaches saturation point; taken for granted like a public transport system, but just as likely to irk and annoy.

The full CoolBrands 2012/13 top 20 is as follows:

1. Apple
2. YouTube
3. Aston Martin
4. Twitter
5. Google
6. BBC iPlayer
7. Glastonbury
8. Virgin Atlantic
9. Bang & Olufsen
10. Liberty
11. Sony
12. Bose
13. Häagen-Dazs
14. Selfridges
15. Ben & Jerry’s
16. Mercedes-Benz
17. Vogue
18. Skype
19. Nike
20. Nikon

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