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Love The Look: Topman’s ‘Motel Arizona’ Trailer-Trash Cool!

By Will Reid on April 21st, 2009

motelarizona.pngI know, I know; Topman has become a bit of a regular feature on Brandish but when I noticed this look on the label’s website during my regular internet trawl, I couldn’t resist commenting.

While I’m not too sure about the rather peculiar Alice Dellal haircut (as highlighted in a previous Brandish post.) I think he gets off with it due to his incredible look- brash patter shirt, acid-washed jeans and skinny belt…but messy enough to avoid the overly-manicured style of the 80s fashionisto.

More to come on Topman’s ‘Motel Arizona’ look soon!

(Shirt, £25 on

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Luke Treadaway appears in madras at the Empire Film Awards

By admin on March 30th, 2009

jim sturgess empire film awards.jpg

Most people use the date the clocks go back as the official start of Spring but at Brandish we pay attention to altogether more stylish markers.

Luke Treadaway (right) turned up at the Empire Film Awards accompanied by his equally stylish twin brother Harry Treadaway. The actor who is tipped to appear in the 2010 version of Clash of the Titans was decked in a madras shirt and a charmingly cut grey suit. A bow tie and battered brown belt top off the look and add a touch of personality to the outfit. Take our poll after the jump and let us know what you think of the outfit, or tell us on our Facebook Wall.

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Love the Look: chinos and vintage tee

By admin on November 21st, 2008

love the look chino vintage t shirt belt cardigan.jpg
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Every once in a while you stumble upon a trusty outfit formula which you can use and reuse to your heart’s content. For me it’s bright tights, vintage skirts, lace ups and a men’s cardie, when I’m stuck for inspiration I can wear umpteen variations of this outfit before I run out of looks.
Back to menswear, it seems that CA has stumbled upon a failsafe outfit formula, his combination of vintage tee, chinos, quirky belt and cardigan can have a dozen different permutations but still look fresh.

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Obama belt, the iPhone for your waist

By Jonathan Smith on October 9th, 2008


It has been a few weeks now since I last posted something Obama related, not that the fashion world hasn’t been punctuated almost daily with a new label pushing the Obama cause with some special edition T-shirt or sneaker- something that has been unheard of for any other Presidential Candidate. Could you really see Clinton’s face on the toe box of a Dunk? Neither can I, Monica Lewinsky’s box on the other hand… Ho-ho-ho, I jest. It has got to the stage now where you could have an entire weeks worth of wardrobe clad head to toe in top fashion brands bearing the visage of Barack.

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Dear memoirs: do you know your belt size? I bet you don’t

By Jonathan Smith on September 30th, 2008


Dear memoirs, walking through the office last Friday between avoiding work down in the samples cage and avoiding work at my desk I was beckoned over by a young female buyer “What size waist are you?” odd I thought, interesting opening to any conversation. I mused for perhaps for only a second and responded “About a 30″ she looked oddly satisfied then slapped a belt into my hand a commanded me to put it on, not to upset the young Miss I obliged and began to remove my own belt, her eyes transfixed on my waist line. I thought in any other situation and I could be labelled quite the Cad, but this, was of course, only business. With the belt on and fitting perfectly the young lady asked me what size belt I usually take, “Ermm I’m not really sure, probably a Medium” she looked at me like I was a fool, and I was because the belt I was wearing was a Small, a Medium would have dwarfed me. I removed the belt and retreated to my desk feeling humbled.

True story that. My point is do you really know what size belt you take? It’s hard to tell and it’s tough for you to measure accurately the length of your current belt without knowing how to correctly measure a belt- step in Atsui and their super useful guide to belt measuring.

Check it out and never be made a fool of like I was.

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Paul Smith navy swim shorts

By admin on May 19th, 2008

paul smith navy swim shorts trunks.jpgHopefully this summer will sound the sartorial death knell for knee-length boardshorts. They’re fine on teenagers and actual surfers, but on a twenty or thirty-something male the look is a bit tragic.

Something a little more tailored and fitted looks far more fashion-savvy, these Paul Smith shorts are a reasonable £45 and look a lot more stylish than post-pubescent baggies. The neutral colour combination is so chic people will mistake you for a classy European on the beach. Team with Reebok classics at your peril!


Paul Smith Belt

By admin on March 6th, 2008

Ps_belt If you’ve seen it go wrong, you might be reticent
about the splash of colour trend. I mean, a splash is fine, but too much
splashing can create a jarring effect. Seeing as accessories are the best way
to add colour to an outfit, why not start with this sky
blue Paul Smith belt

The great thing about the belt is that it’s
not meant to match. You don’t have to wear a matching sky blue watch and bag in
order to pull the look off, just have co-ordinating colours that draw attention to
the vibrant belt. The belt is available from the Paul Smith website for £75.


Eco belts made from old fire hoses

By ShinyMedia on January 4th, 2008

fire%20hose%20belt.jpgHippyshopper have uncovered some very virtuous belts made from old fire hoses used by the London Fire Brigade. The belts are unisex, but there’s a great range of designs from skinny to studded, with prices starting at £36 from Natural Collection. What’s more, with each purchase you’ll be giving a donation to the LFB Benevolent Fund.


Burton mesh black and blue belt

By ShinyMedia on May 17th, 2007



This mesh belt is a nod to the sporty trend without going the full be-shellsuited hog. The bright blue is also in vogue so for a mere tenner you can update your look in a myriad of ways. Ok, only two ways but that’s pretty good for the cost of three pints in a London boozer. Wear with pale grey trousers and a short sleeved grey shirt for a modern look.


Cassette tape belt buckle

By Isabelle on May 10th, 2007

The tape-mad will love this belt buckle from Honorable Mention. You can choose from any retro blank tape that jogs your memory, or choose a pre-recorded one. I picked this nice yellow one ($15) because I like the typeface but you can also wear such illustrious musicians as Milli Vanilli, Dolly Parton or Tiffany on your belt but why anyone would pick U2 is beyond me. Similarly, I find it hard to believe why anyone would want to put R.Kelly near their crotch but you can thanks to Honorable Mention.

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