Brandish Inspiration: Topman Latest Trend- Block Heads


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For AW08-09, Topman has created a video showcase of their latest collection- Block Heads. Model James Mclean poses in what Topman tells is a trend “inspired by the look of a Dickensian gypsy mixed with influences from the deep south.” We get a glimpse of what we will no doubt be wearing by Christmas and the video really projects what the look is all about- a poetic Grunge with not a slight hint of Luke Worrall.

“Bib front t-shirts are worn under a waistcoat and double breasted cardigans, topped off with a black padded donkey jacket for a military feel. Big accessories for this trend include a selection of trilby hats and scarves worn with tweed trainers or brogues.” Winter’s never looked so good!

Check the video here.

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Will ReidBrandish Inspiration: Topman Latest Trend- Block Heads

Yay or Nay – Bib Shirts

Judging by what a lot of high-street stores have in stock, bib shirts (like the one to the left) seem to be popular right now. I’m not sure why. From a distance it just looks like the wearer has been sweating profusely in a asymmetrical pattern. Not the look anyone wants to go for.

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adminYay or Nay – Bib Shirts