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Brandish Christmas List #10 Sparta RX PLUS Cross-Bar Electric Bike

By Stefano on November 26th, 2012

Electric cycles, or E-Bikes as they are commonly known, are big sellers in cycling-friendly parts of Europe like Germany and Holland. As for the UK it is still early days. One company that is doing its best to get more Britons on to E-bikes is JustEBikes. It has a large range of models and on its websites you’ll find a very useful – which E-bike is best for you? questionnaire top help you choose the best bike.

I went through it and landed on the top end model the Sparta RX PLUS Cross-Bar Electric Bike. The key to this bike; performance is that it has a very lightweight Lithium Ion battery. This means that it has a range of up to 65 miles from a single charge which is way more than most E-Bikes. The Level of assistance is directly proportional to pedal pressure – so the faster you pedal the more the engine carries you. there is also a thumb switch selects Zero, Low, Medium or High assistance levels, depending on whether you are about to tackle a huge hill or not. There are eight in-hub gear to choose from too.

You can see how fast you are traveling on a large clear display that also shows power setting, battery charge level, range, time and temperature. The bike has a very comfy seat too courtesy of a sprung seat post and front fork suspension.

It is on sale for £2,175.00. Other cheaper models are here.


Unleash your inner Bradley Wiggins with custom Mango Bikes

By Gerald Lynch on November 2nd, 2012

The worlds of bespoke style and bicycles collide at Mango Bikes, who let you pick the colour and style of virtually every component of their custom rides.

From frame colours to handlebar styles, there’s a near-infinite amount of bikes that can be put together through all manner of part combinations. Check below for our attempt at a Tron-inspired Light Cycle!

Single-speed bikes, a Mango Bike weighs just between 10 and 12Kg by dumping the extra weight needed for gears. According to the shop’s FAQ page:

“When you ride a Mango Bike, you’ll soon see that there is no need for any gears when traveling around town (or country for that matter – we do 50 mile road rides with hills and headwinds, no problem!). The bikes are light, streamlined and hold their speed. Single speed is the way to go.”

Bikes arrive 90% assembled and are shipped with City Link and tracking codes. Front wheels, pedals and bars need to be put together manually, but Mango Bikes provide all the relevant tools and documentation in the box to make this an easy process.

Pricing starts at £269.

Click here to give their bike builder a go, and visit for more info.

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