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Is this the smartest iPhone cycle gadget so far? Wahoo’s RFLKT

By Stefano on November 20th, 2012

Wahoo Fitness is best known for its range of iPhone-friendly gadgets that are normally the preserve of our pals over Connected Health. However RFLKT, which we spotted on Mashable has caught out eye.

It is an iPhone powered computer for street bikes which is expected to launch at the end of December or early January, just in time for CES.

What makes this quite special is the way that it can connect with your iPhone – and a number of other devices too – using Bluetooth. So you can keep your iPhone hidden away in a bag and harness some of its functionality on the RFLKT. Basically the device sits on your handlebar and then connects to the company’s iPhone app wirelessly. You can then see your biking stats, control your music and more from the RFLKT and not have to worry about getting out, and maybe dropping your iPhone. The device works with iPhone 4S and iPhone 5.

According to Mashable RFLKT doesn’t require charging. It runs on a small coin cell battery, which is easy to replace and very affordable. It lasts about a year or two.

It sports four big buttons, two on each side of the device, that control what screens you see — you can switch screens to see all your data. The buttons are also configurable through the app. And it’s easier to use four buttons than the touch screen on your iPhone that requires you to look at the screen.

There’s no details yet on price and UK availability, but this looks like a serious gadget for cyclists and one that will be on our list. More from Mashable here.


Unleash your inner Bradley Wiggins with custom Mango Bikes

By Gerald Lynch on November 2nd, 2012

The worlds of bespoke style and bicycles collide at Mango Bikes, who let you pick the colour and style of virtually every component of their custom rides.

From frame colours to handlebar styles, there’s a near-infinite amount of bikes that can be put together through all manner of part combinations. Check below for our attempt at a Tron-inspired Light Cycle!

Single-speed bikes, a Mango Bike weighs just between 10 and 12Kg by dumping the extra weight needed for gears. According to the shop’s FAQ page:

“When you ride a Mango Bike, you’ll soon see that there is no need for any gears when traveling around town (or country for that matter – we do 50 mile road rides with hills and headwinds, no problem!). The bikes are light, streamlined and hold their speed. Single speed is the way to go.”

Bikes arrive 90% assembled and are shipped with City Link and tracking codes. Front wheels, pedals and bars need to be put together manually, but Mango Bikes provide all the relevant tools and documentation in the box to make this an easy process.

Pricing starts at £269.

Click here to give their bike builder a go, and visit for more info.

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