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Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair’s ‘Favourite Jeans’: 3 looks in one!

By Colin Chapman on May 26th, 2009

FifthAvenueShoeRepair.jpgHere at Brandish we love a bit of versatility, which is why these jeans by Swedish brand Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair are so perfect. At the top the fit is like a pair of oh-so-current roomy pleated pants, the anti-fit of these jeans also allows for a bit of drop-crotchness, whilst the legs actually taper down to the ankle. The interesting cut lends itself to many styling possibilities, but the genius touch is that the stretchy fabric (a quality, soft, stretch twill) allows the hem to be pulled up the leg to wear them as a slouchy cropped pant. At least three looks in one! The lovely detailing – like the ‘whiskering’ at back of knees also adds value. So, despite a hefty $279 pricetag (plus shipping), they’re still a choice item.

For the budget conscious, with some imagination and a trip to the tailor, I think you could achieve something similar by adapting a pair of vintage pleated trousers in a suitably flexible fabric.

Source: Blackbird blog

Seen in Old Stone, also available in Black

Scent & Aftershave

Brandish Christmas Picks: Comme Des Garçons – Synthetics

By Jonathan Smith on December 16th, 2008


Tis the season to buy fragrance but this year I’m looking for something a little more leftfield than Lynx shower gel, I want the Comme Des Garçons – Synthetics line. If you hadn’t heard and to be fair I hadn’t, this is series six in a line of fragrances from CDG each with their own theme. This line is split down into 5 very unique fragrances based around the idea of synthetic smells, available from Lucky Scent at $60 for a 75ml bottle and $3 for a tester.

Unlike my other Christmas picks all of which I greatly desire, this is probably the only one I have any intention of requesting for myself because I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to scent and this has really piqued my interest, if it has piqued yours then jump through to read what Lucky Scent has to say about the line.

[Via: hypebeast]

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Lad Musician A/W 08 highlights

By admin on September 12th, 2008

Lad Musician are clearly a brand willing to take some risks. For example, take their studded gloves (pictured above). Although it’s a look associated with people who wear new rock boots, it looks surprisingly wearable, although it would look better if it were just polka dots. The other risk is their inclusion of denim jackets.

These jackets are risky not because no-one is wearing. It’s risky because everything who is wears them horrifically, matching them to their denim jeans and looking like rejects from a Bruce Springsteen lookalike competition. I’m not about to call it a comeback, but denim jackets might just be a viable alternative for people looking to change it up from bombers and trench coats. Lad Musician is available from blackbird and the site’s webshop.

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Posthumously cool with Robert Geller and Marcello Mastroianni

By Jonathan Smith on August 27th, 2008


Marcello Mastroianni, the celebrated actor and style icon has a new posthumous string to his bow being the inspiration for Robert Geller’s line of eye glasses from his A/W 08 collection.

Being cool is no easy feat so give yourself a leg up the ladder of style with eye wear usually reserved only for dead Italian actors, but be quick because by the looks of things they are almost entirely pre-ordered up. Available for pre-order over at Blackbird.

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Lad Musician coming to Blackbird

By admin on July 4th, 2008

lad musician.jpgThis is big. Bigger than finding out Liz Jones didn’t like Glastonbury (Shock Horror! A woman who calls cats ‘fur babies’ doesn’t like a muddy festival). I’m typing this so hard, I’m about to break my 3 year old Toshiba laptop. Lad Musician. Are. Coming. To. Blackbird. Read that sentence one more time and take it all in. I know, I can’t believe it either.

This means you can finally stop putting the Lad Musician site through the google translator – especially as it tends to hand back sentences like “The LAD original material for this season’s T-shirt material is nice and soft textures”. Blackbird are starting to stock Lad Musicians AW 2008/9 collection and it will show up in their online store from early August.

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Troglodyte Homunculus Shirts

By admin on May 15th, 2008


When you describe a new brand to someone, it’s usually best that their name is short and rolls off the tongue. Clearly this rulebook wasn’t handed down to Troglodyte Homunculus, who seem intent on making any admirers of their work sound like idiots – just try and say it out loud in a conversation.

Given TH’s moniker, you’d be forgiven for thinking the clothes would be super sharp suits instead of the lightweight, casual check shirts that they make. Designed by the designers from Seize sur Vingt, the shirts are designed to do double up as smart and casual wear, with checks being the main theme. Prices start from $156 and you can get these from Blackbird.

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Diet Butcher Slim Skin Sheer layered t-shirt

By admin on April 4th, 2008

dbsk shirt.jpg

We’ve mentioned Diet Butcher Slim Skin on
Brandish before, but now you can actually buy their items online, we feel their
pieces are worth another look. If you like the look of sheer fabrics on the
catwalk but are worried about getting beaten up by idiots, this layered
is a great way of dipping your toes into the trend.

The sheer layer of the tee is detachable
and can therefore be matched with any number of items (as demonstrated by
StyleSalvage) making the sheer fabric quite wearable – something you’d never
call sheer fabrics seeing how it was worn on catwalks. These are available from
Blackbird and cost $245.


More mortgage crippling leather jackets

By admin on February 15th, 2008

While Purple jackets may immediately make
you think of booking tickets to a Prince show, they can be incredibly subtle. This
Geller purple leather jacket
is a great example of this.

Being the shade of purple that doesn’t yell
about its purple status, it’s perfect for those wishing to take baby steps onto
the new male trend – which is suspiciously just like an old female trend. Are
designers getting lazy? Next they’ll be trying to sell sheer to men. The $1275 price tag is a little steep, but it is Robert Geller. If you’ve got the cash, it’s available from Blackbird.


Moore and Giles Leather Messenger Bag

By admin on January 31st, 2008

As you’ll all know, the little details are
what separate good pieces from great ones. Some would say that the devil’s in
the details – but not Brandish, because that phrase doesn’t make sense. A
perfect example of good detailing is this Moore and Giles leather messenger

Whilst from the picture it looks like any
other leather bag – a bit Dunlop even, if you excuse my French – on the inside
it turns into a picture of perfection.

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