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Kenneth Anger Tee from Blood is the New Black

By admin on February 25th, 2008

KennethAnother T-shirt trend with legs is the “So-and-so is my homegirl/boy”. I think it started with Jesus and Mary versions but there’s now millions of versions. Madonna did one for her last tour and recently I’ve seen a Barack Obama version. Topical!
Kenneth Anger is an artist film-maker who’s done all sorts of films which clever people like. Blood is the New Black’s version has a fittingly creepy hand drawn illustration of the artist. This is the women’s version but the men’s is on its way..
Available from their website.

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Sleeping Tee by Milano Chow at Blood is the New Black

By admin on January 7th, 2008

SleepingmilanomensDon’t you hate young successful people? At 19 years of age, Milano Chow has a line of T-shirts, which offer us peak at her unique view of the world, AND her whole life ahead of her.
This ‘Sleeping’ T-shirt is one of the best sellers at Blood is the New Black and I can see why. Somebody once said ‘You can’t hate someone once you’ve seen them sleeping’ and I think this design really cleverly captures that feeling of inadvertent intimacy. The positioning of the print, the colour scheme – everything about it is beautiful, but  a bit wrong, just like watching someone sleep is.
It may not be high profile, but I predict Milano Chow has a glittering career ahead of her.


Travis Millard for Blood is the New Black

By admin on January 4th, 2008


I really struggled with whether to post this or not – just because really I wanted to keep it to myself. But in the end I couldn’t. Do you know why? Compassion. I’m just too giving.
So, it’s with a heavy heart (it’s full of human kindness) I bring you Travis Millard for Blood is the New Black. Click on the images to see them close up.
Sometimes you see the work of and artist and you think “You sir, are truly twisted…. but I like you”. That’s how I feel about Travis Millard. Whether it’s creepy-fingered chromosomes or sinister men in balaclavas, there’s something brilliantly disturbing about his designs.
Others are available from Blood is the New Black.

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