10 reasons why The Byrds are the most influential rock band of all time

1 They brought Dylan to the masses And helped him on his discovery of electric music 2 They influenced The Beatles   The Fabs hero-worshiped them, and many Beatles tracks feature that trademark Byrds jangly guitar. Rubber Soul was almost a Byrds tribute album. 3 They were first to get a Psychedelic song in the charts This was a full …

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Ashley10 reasons why The Byrds are the most influential rock band of all time

Topman Reveal New Look- ‘Chelsea Arts Club’

topman chelsea arts club.jpg

Topman have a new mini-collection on their online shop and the look is ‘Chelsea Arts Club.’ The high street label (beloved by the Brandish team,) tells that “this smart trend is influenced by a sophisticated age where actors, artists and sartorialists mixed in exclusive members clubs…the overall look is quirky.”

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Will ReidTopman Reveal New Look- ‘Chelsea Arts Club’

James Mollison’s The Disciples exhibition


[Top row: Fans at a Klaxons concert. Bottom row: Fans at a Bob Dylan concert]

Have you ever replicated your musical icons style? When I was younger, I wanted to dress like Curtis Mayfield, but couldn’t find the right clothes (I’d never heard of a vintage store back then). It’s probably for the best, as dressing like this when everyone was into So Solid Crew wouldn’t have been the best idea. This James Mollision exhibition features people who have styled themselves on their idols and is called The Disciples.

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adminJames Mollison’s The Disciples exhibition