TV on The Radio’s Kyp Malone shows us how to wear a waistcoat

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TV on the Radio sort of passed me by, I always thought they were one of those generic indie ‘four boys and a guitar’ type bands but listening to tracks from their latest album ‘Dear Science’ I realised the error of my ways.

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adminTV on The Radio’s Kyp Malone shows us how to wear a waistcoat

Outfit Pick: The Waistcoat Done Well?


Just last week, Brandish editor Isabelle asked the general fashion public if the waistcoat could ever be worn well. We were subjected to the torture of Boyzone (whose waistcoat crimes can also be seen here,) and then buttered up with stories of white waffle and petrol blue. Now, I’ve created an outfit out of an All Saints waistcoat and looked to Frank Sinatra for tailoring inspiration.

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Will ReidOutfit Pick: The Waistcoat Done Well?

Celeb Style: BoyZone’s Bare-Chest Comeback


There are times I love gorging over celebrity looks; Cannes glamour, Oscar glory, MTV glitz. Then there are times when rather rubbish boybands return with a receding hairline and a group of barely-dressed female dancers, thinking they can win us all over with a rendition of an old classic and a bit of David Brent-dancing. Of course to pretend that BoyZone did not contribute to the Reid family soundrack would be a lie as Ronan’s “When You Say Nothing At All” has not only made my Mum cry but got my brother 16,414 Youtube hits. (I have, myself, never been influenced by that Irish twang and chorus of fiddles and flutes.)

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Will ReidCeleb Style: BoyZone’s Bare-Chest Comeback