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SHOE PORN: Herring Shoes Carnaby brogues

By Gerald Lynch on August 17th, 2012

 We cant get enough of a good pair of shoes here at Brandish, so today we’re introducing an occasional new feature called SHOE PORN, where we binge and indulge on one of our favourite pairs.

Kicking things off in fine fashion is Herring Shoes’ Carnaby brogue. A full (wingtip) brogue on the 386 last, it’s made of gorgeously detailed tan calf leather, with a sturdy Goodyear welted leather sole.

“Brogues can sometimes seem a bit heavy and we wanted to produce a classic brogue with a light summery feel.  The distinctive biscuit calf leather of the Carnaby fits the bill perfectly,” say Herring.

Worried about how you’d match up these lighter shaded shoes? Try lighter navy blues or complimentary tans. Daring rockstar wannabes may even try a pair of white slacks too.

Grab the Herring Carnaby brogues for £185 by clicking here. Scroll down for an excessive number of photos of the shoes from every conceivable angle!

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Herring Shoes launch two-tone Harvard II brogues

By Gerald Lynch on July 26th, 2012

Herring Harvard II (Brown)

Picture 1 of 6
Picture 1 of 6

You can bet your life on a pair of brogues, the Brandish go-to style that no fashion conscious gent’s wardrobe should be without.

One of our favourite family-run British brands Herring, who’ve been churning out beautiful brogues both traditional and modern since 1966, have just revealed their latest line: the Herring Harvard II.

A two-tone saddle brogue line-up, they’re part of Herring’s Premium collection, and land with a £255 price tag.

Four styles in all are available; a chestnut and navy suede mix, a gangster-friendly mahogany and ivory pair, a mahogany and tam suede look and the chestnut mahogany grain pair pictured above (being our personal favourites).

“The new range is made in the well-established Cheaney factory, renowned for turning out individual styles with hand crafted finishes,” reads the Herring blog.

“This is echoed throughout the Herring Harvard II from the use of a full leather lining to the Goodyear welted leather sole, adding extra comfort, moisture management and excellent shape retention.”

Check out the gallery above for a look at the Herring Harvard II brogues, as well as a selection of choice cuts from the rest of the Herring range.

For more on the range, visit

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10 pairs of Brogues to put the Spring in your step

By Gerald Lynch on March 27th, 2012

Adamis (Mr B) from Aldo -£100

Picture 1 of 10
Picture 1 of 10

Ah, a good old pair of Brogues; the work horse of mens’ wardrobes across the globe, they’re the one pair of shoes as comfortable in the boardroom as they are down the pub.

The little pock-marked shoe has come a long way from its humble beginnings as cross-country footwear in Scotland and Ireland (the little holes were intended as drainage run-offs when passing through wet terrain) and now everyone from Kurt Geiger to Dr Martens have a fair few pairs in their catalogues.

Whether you’re going for wingtips or semis, black, tan or multi-coloured offerings, we’ve pulled together our ten favourite pairs to put the Spring in your step this season.

Click through the gallery above to browse our picks!

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Princes Vintage

By admin on May 22nd, 2009

princes vintage brogue rucksack suit.jpg
Princes Vintage is a cut above your average eBay store, there’s no risk of looking like a mismatched musty throwback with the goods they have on offer. Here is a selection of hot items for summer and trusty wardrobe staples:

Make no mistake, rucksacks are back and this leather one is smart enough for formal occasions. Every man needs a good suit, and if you can find a vintage one that fits well hold onto it for dear life, similarly a quality pair of vintage brogues will last an eternity and they go with a wide variety of looks. Lastly, white trousers are your shortcut to summer smart, but make sure you add an idiosyncratic twist like a neckerchief, retro watch or deck shoes in a sherbet pastel so you don’t look too trad.

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Stately homo: time for some eccentric grandad chic

By Colin Chapman on May 13th, 2009

grandad_chic.jpgHaving lost not inconsiderable time exploring in blogworld this morning, if there’s one thing I’ve learnt – thanks to Mister Mort – it’s that old guys have the best style, and young guys wearing old guy style have all the best fun. Here’s a fun collection of items to give you that gentlemanly, eccentric beyond your years appeal.

You may think I’m a little crazy in recommending tweed at this time of year, but the tweed is in the detail here and a tie shouldn’t make you sweat.

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Seen on the street: battered brown shoes

By Colin Chapman on January 26th, 2009


Now bear with me .. I know the observation seems a little random. But on a recent journey from Shoreditch to Soho it seemed that every hipster worth his money was wearing some form of brown shoe. There’s a lot of brogues out there, also a lot of battered deck shoes still hanging on (just) from summer. What unites them all (aside from battery) is the fact that they seem to be breaking the rule of black and brown not being seen together. Black trews/brown shoes used to be a fashion faux pas. But such rules are there to be broken. Alongside the rolled-up black jeans there’s also a lot of hip-hugging cords on show, navy or wine being a popular choice. Add a contrast, statement sock (mustard, anyone?) and there’s a veritable riot going on down there.

Perhaps the first in a line of “there”s a recession let’s rip our jeans”-type trends, the battered shoe, demonstrably a pre-2009 purchase, is out there to be seen. As for people wearing grubby white plimsolls in the midst of cold, WET January that’s just wrong – on a par with freezing to death in stilettos and skimpy top to prove how hard you are. Pass the Daktarin..

Image source: NDC, or try your recession-friendly thriftstore for beatup classics..

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Brandish Inspiration: Topman Latest Trend- Block Heads

By Will Reid on November 20th, 2008


Click To Enlarge

For AW08-09, Topman has created a video showcase of their latest collection- Block Heads. Model James Mclean poses in what Topman tells is a trend “inspired by the look of a Dickensian gypsy mixed with influences from the deep south.” We get a glimpse of what we will no doubt be wearing by Christmas and the video really projects what the look is all about- a poetic Grunge with not a slight hint of Luke Worrall.

“Bib front t-shirts are worn under a waistcoat and double breasted cardigans, topped off with a black padded donkey jacket for a military feel. Big accessories for this trend include a selection of trilby hats and scarves worn with tweed trainers or brogues.” Winter’s never looked so good!

Check the video here.


Swear and Cassette Playa bring you the Playa 1

By Jonathan Smith on August 5th, 2008


Bored of Brogues? If so then perhaps these imaginatively named Playa 1′s are for you. Available now from Swear this is their second collaboration with Cassette Playa, best known for bright and colourful t-shirts and apparel.

Made from patent leather and coming in two colourways; black and white and yellow and green. Interestingly, each pair mirror-image each other with their inverted colourway, which should turn some heads in the street.

These shoes are not for everyone but you have to admire Cassette Playa for thinking out of the (shoe) box.


Miu Miu Brown brogues

By admin on March 7th, 2008

Seeing as this is the last Miu Miu men’s
collection ever, why not get a timeless piece that you can still wear in a few
years time? While round toes are in fashion now, they’re also the most
versatile and durable style of shoe, tending to outlast the faddier pointy toe.

If you want a piece of history and fashion
at the same time, then these round
toe brogues
do the job perfectly. It seems like everyone wanted a piece of
history, as the only sizes left are 7, 7.5 & 9. If you’re any of these
sizes, then you can get these for £275 from Start.


Paul Smith Broots – No, that isn’t a typo!

By admin on December 14th, 2007

High boots can be scary for the newcomer.
Who’s to say you won’t just look like a soldier who’s lost the rest of his
uniform? Most designers have been thinking up a happy medium between boots and
brogues – I think they should be called ‘Broots’ – and Paul Smith is one such

These Paul
Smith broots
(if I type it enough, it’ll catch on) are perfect for those
who’d like a pair of broots before they move on to a pair of boots. They’re not
a cheap investment though, costing £220 and only going up to size 11.

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