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Trends: Watch & Wear- A Daily Dose of Dalí

By Will Reid on March 10th, 2008

00100m_2From Dalí’s lobster phones and melting clock faces to Damien Hirst’s butterfly works- Surrealism is something that we can’t seem to get out of our systems. We buy into the singers who prance around in vintage band uniforms (Gwen) and the art but something we rarely show an interest in is surrealist fashion.

The reason? It’s just too embarrassing to pop down to Tesco’s with a pair of devil horns protruding from your well-styled scalp. Well not anymore. This post will allow you to test the look without looking visually-testing and trust me when I tell you that it is easier than you think.  See after the jump for more information on where this look began and (wearable) items you can put on your shopping list to mimic it.

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Designer Spotlight, Luggage & Travel

WISHLIST: Globetrotter Suitcase

By Will Reid on February 25th, 2008

92064_1_3I just got back from holiday (not trying to rub it in!) and one of the biggest problems I had; apart form the lack of language, skin-peeling shower and being force-fed Sky News 24/7, was that my luggage was almost impossible to recognise from the conveyor belt and at one point even picked up by a suspiciously befuddled old man.  Therefore, I have decided to invest in proper luggage with Joan Collins-style luggage awareness.

I have found this case from Globetrotter that looks set to fit the bill. In navy blue leather and delicious 100% leather, this suitcase is an 18-inch trolley case and great for a short mini-break. Now don’t be expecting to pack for a Summer Holiday fashion extravaganza but to quote form this WISHLIST item’s Browns description- “Be chic as you travel.”

Prepare for the Conveyor-belt laps and see after the jump for a different view of the case.

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YSL jacket at Browns

By Will Reid on February 11th, 2008


This jacket is a perfect piece for the season transition that so often leaves us men looking like idiots when we get caught in the mid-month sunshine wearing a winter coat, scarf, jeans and a pair of flip-flops. Primarily a jacket, but thin and simple enough to be worn as a shirt, this jacket by Yves Saint Laurent is just too fantastically useful not to be in your wardrobe. With typical YSL subtleties such as the inner collar stripe detail and unusually few number of buttons, spend the cash and feel free to thank me when you become an all-weather style maven.

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WISHLIST: Lanvin Trainers

By Will Reid on February 8th, 2008

87927_11 These trainers from Lanvin are a great accessory and subtle pick-me-up for that day when you don’t feel too great and all your designer logo shirts are in the wash. Being the king of understated luxury, Alber Elbaz knows that us guys don’t want flash labels and black market-copied logos but an inner boost that in this instance comes in the shape of a 100% leather and suede-shoe. These trainers are lace-up, navy suede and have white soles and a patent-leather toe. They have been so popular at Brown’s that the only size left is a UK 11 and it is hardly a surprise seeing as buyers are swiping the entire Lanvin Homme collection for their store. And as if that wasn’t enough, they are down to £205 in the sale-add them to your shopping bag and walk your way to fashion heaven.

Buy online at


Martin Margiela ’80s jacket

By ShinyMedia on May 15th, 2007

MmjacketSporty is coming back, I know that for menswear it never really went away, but it’s less about saggy trackie bottoms, and more about futuristic chic. Mix textures with wet-look anorak style fabrics and cotton jersey. This Martin Margiela jacket from Browns (£695) is quite retro with it’s shell suit style patchwork but the slim cut keeps it looking modern. Wear it with faded black denim jeans and white canvas pumps for a Jacques Lu Cont-alike ’80s look.


Martin Margiela watchstrap bracelet

By Isabelle on April 10th, 2007

It’s a lot of money to pay for a joke, but this watchstrap bracelet from Browns is pure Martin Margiela po-faced humour with it’s face-less watch bezel. The mysterious designer has never been photographed in public so I can’t help but think of his face every time I see this bracelet. The bracelet will set you back £155, and I think it would be a little ridiculous to wear but I’ve fallen in love with the concept. How’s about £2.50 for the concept Martin?

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