Alyasha x Adidas Originals preview here already!


As promised here is the first full preview of the Alyasha x Adidas Originals collab – and arriving a little earlier than I predicted, aren’t we lucky lucky people! Coming via Caliroots (the selected carrier for Sweden) the line looks really strong, drawing influence from 1950’s Americana with a leather and a baseball jacket as key pieces.

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Jonathan SmithAlyasha x Adidas Originals preview here already!

Sabre Madness (has nothing to do with the rise in knife crime)


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Coming this Autumn masters of eye wear Sabre are bringing you the “Madness”. With inter changeable arms and frame colours these shades are fully customisable and come in a mix of matte and shiny finishes. Great for all that Autumn sunshine we get in the UK?… I suppose they would be good for hangovers. Available soon from Sabre and the usual suspects. Check out some more pics after the jump.

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Jonathan SmithSabre Madness (has nothing to do with the rise in knife crime)

Mishka-Kern available at caliroots


Photographer (of naked women) Richard Kern has teamed up with clothing label Mishka and printed some of Kern’s favorite photographs onto t-shirts. These t-shirts represent some of Kern’s best work but even if you’re not a massive fan of Kern then this is the perfect opportunity to simply display naked women about your person, which is always a winner.

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Jonathan SmithMishka-Kern available at caliroots