Diet Butcher Slim Skin Sheer layered t-shirt

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dbsk shirt.jpg

We’ve mentioned Diet Butcher Slim Skin on
Brandish before, but now you can actually buy their items online, we feel their
pieces are worth another look. If you like the look of sheer fabrics on the
catwalk but are worried about getting beaten up by idiots, this layered
is a great way of dipping your toes into the trend.

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Paris Catwalk Report: Comme Des Garçons

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Comme Des Garcons love plaid. That’s the
main lesson that can be learned from their Paris show. Other designers have put
in a couple of plaid pieces but Comme Des Garcons practically put it into every
piece they had on show. They would have hired Mel Gibson to come down and
reprise his role in Braveheart whilst wearing head to toe Comme Des Garcons
plaid if they could afford him. Or if Mel Gibson wasn’t an alcoholic anti-semitic.

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