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On|Off Presents: Rozalb de Mura gallery

By admin on September 22nd, 2008

As we walked into the On|Off exhibition I had a ‘I want that boat’ Napoleon Dynamite moment looking at Rozalb de Mura’s designs. I especially lusted after a pleated sleeve tunic in a gorgeous shade of grey and on the catwalk the menswear was equally impressive.

Rozalb de Mura
is the name of a fictional baron thought up by the design team which is a brilliantly Martin Margiela touch. Designer Olah Gyarfas has been working in his native Romania for the last two years on the de Mura label.

Back to the clothes, the neutral colours and straightforward fabrics belie their simplicity. Crisp gathers, intricate origami folds on the back of a tailored jacket and ballooned trousers all sound a lot more gimmicky than the actual garments would have you believe. I’m keeping my eyes on Gyarfas’ progression, along with fellow On|Off Presents catwalkmate Mark Fast he is definitely one to watch.

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Brandish Feature: Drop-Crotch Demo

By Will Reid on August 22nd, 2008

Drop-crotch jeans have been dubbed the ‘future of denim’ and ‘the next skinny jean.’ I am an unbelievable skinny devotee (yes, I am scarred after wearing them in Summer-heat London and not even joking) and for this reason, I decided to road-test an exclusive pre-production sample pair from Trousers London. I ventured into Covent Garden to get the public opinion on whether the jeans were ‘(Drop-)HOT!’ or ‘PANTS!’ Pitying glances, envious looks, angry words and self-styling monologues; the Drop-Crotch jeans certainly attracted attention-but was it praise or pity? Read on for the full report with street-style pics, interviews, comments and product details.

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A Vintage Find: My Retro Sunnies from Rokit

By Will Reid on July 29th, 2008

vintage.jpgI’m currently down in London, lapping up the (dubious) sunshine and attempting to dress in a way befitting of the cramped, and quite frankly torturous, morning tube journey. Turns out they’re not too pleased about being next to someone wearing a blazer with Margiela-esque shoulderpads. Basically, the heat is ridiculous and so yesterday I wondered into Convent Garden and bought some vintage sunglasses at Rokit.

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John Galliano Paris Menswear collections S/S 09

By admin on July 2nd, 2008

john galliano menswear spring summer paris 09.jpg
When most of the fashion world is retreating to the relative safety of preppy, classic looks Galliano’s Paris menswear show last week was a riot of colour and you could tell he certainly wasn’t thinking of the credit crunch.
Drinks cans, colourful afros and shimmering lipcolours accompanied the fanciful clothes which included day-glo sporrans, newsprint tailored blazers and t-shirt featuring pop art images of Galliano himself. See after the jump for backstage images from the collection.

[Images: Rex Features ]

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Wedges for men at Fendi’s Milan Fashion Week show

By admin on June 27th, 2008

man wedge medge fendi milan menswear.jpgI spend an inordinate amount of time spying the soles of men’s shoes to see if they have hidden lifts in the sole but bearing in mind there aren’t many Karl Lagerfelds in Tooting I’m usually forced to conjure them up using the powers of my overactive imagination.

Now that Fendi have debuted the wedge on the Milan catwalks the delicate isssue of heel height might come out into the open.

All we need to do now is come up with a patronising name for them, somehow combining the word man with the word wedge. Medge it is then.


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Milan Fashion Week Menswear Trends: Preppy

By admin on June 25th, 2008

Enrico Coveri versace dolce gabbana milan menswear 09 spring summer preppy trend.jpg
Today is the last day of the Milan Menswear shows and by the looks of things they’re not taking any sartorial chances, preferring the relative comfort and security of preppy.
This perennial favourite appeared on the catwalks at Versace, Dolce & Gabbana and Enrico Coveri.

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Diet Butcher Slim Skin Sheer layered t-shirt

By admin on April 4th, 2008

dbsk shirt.jpg

We’ve mentioned Diet Butcher Slim Skin on
Brandish before, but now you can actually buy their items online, we feel their
pieces are worth another look. If you like the look of sheer fabrics on the
catwalk but are worried about getting beaten up by idiots, this layered
is a great way of dipping your toes into the trend.

The sheer layer of the tee is detachable
and can therefore be matched with any number of items (as demonstrated by
StyleSalvage) making the sheer fabric quite wearable – something you’d never
call sheer fabrics seeing how it was worn on catwalks. These are available from
Blackbird and cost $245.

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New York Fashion Week Catwalk Report: Duckie Brown

By admin on February 5th, 2008


Duckie Brown, if you’ve not heard of them, are a Canadian and Brit design duo who are the toast of New York menswear. Their fans include Jude Law, Adrien Brody, Black Eyed Peas and Ashton Kutcher and they were also featured in the very excellent ‘New York Fashion Now’ exhibition at the V&A.  Typically a very colourful and playful label, the collection which they showed in New York at the week-end was disappointingly sombre, (although the pics on their MySpace do make it look much more exciting).

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New York Fashion Week Catwalk Report: Rag & Bone

By admin on February 4th, 2008


So New York Fashion Week started this weekend. I think it’s safe to say New York fashion is the most commercial and least trend-led of the major fashion weeks, especially when it comes to menswear. The US has always been more sportswear focussed than its European counterparts, and as the home of capitalism, the US fashion industry is very market-led. All of which means that US designers tend to play it very safe in my opinion and the collections often lack any bite. But then that’s why we have London fashion week: to give us outrageous avant-garde threads that no-one will buy. 

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London College of Fashion MA show

By ShinyMedia on February 1st, 2008


A couple of weeks ago we headed off to the Royal Academy to check out the London College of Fashion MA show. It was a star-studded event with Jane Sheperdson, Jimmy Choo and my personal favourite Jeremy Paxman. We’ve compiled our best bits from the evening’s menswear offerings in what was an impressively professional show.

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Philip Start’s Fashion diary part two

By ShinyMedia on January 24th, 2008

PhilipstartIn his second diary update Philip Start spent yesterday at the Milan Menswear shows and sent us an update:

After an exhausting few days Jil Sander was the only show Philip had time to go to and he liked what he saw: ‘there was a very nice classic element, I spotted a great aubergine suit and there were some fabulous premium leather pieces. I didn’t personally like the fashion element and there were a lot of printed fabrics which weren’t to my taste. They would have looked great mixed up with casualwear but our customer is a bit more classic than that.’ See after the jump for images from the show, or check out our pick of the blogs for Style Salvage’s review.

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Paris Catwalk Report: Number (N)ine

By admin on January 24th, 2008


(Click on image for larger picture)
When you’re aware of all the key looks for
the season, looking at fashion shows simply becomes deciding which look a
designer chose. Number (N)ine chose the lumberjack look.

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Paris Catwalk Report: Attachment

By admin on January 23rd, 2008


(Click on picture for larger image)

Someone at Attachment watched Oliver Twist
over the holidays. Either that or they got a Russell Brand DVD. Either of those
excuses would explain their decidedly Edwardian (Or is it Victorian? I’m no
historian) theme at their A/W show in Paris.

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Paris Catwalk Report: Lanvin

By admin on January 22nd, 2008


Lanvin’s collection wasn’t as strong as I would have liked but there were still a lot of lovely pieces which were well made and showed off the luxury fabrics to their best advantage.
The dream team of Lucas Ossendrijver and Alber Elbaz retained the air of the dandy gentleman but the overall look was much more casual than previous seasons.

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Paris Catwalk Report: Comme Des Garçons

By admin on January 22nd, 2008


(Click on image for larger picture)

Comme Des Garçons love plaid. That’s the
main lesson that can be learned from their Paris show. Other designers have put
in a couple of plaid pieces but Comme Des Garçons practically put it into every
piece they had on show. They would have hired Mel Gibson to come down and
reprise his role in Braveheart whilst wearing head to toe Comme Des Garçons
plaid if they could afford him. Or if Mel Gibson wasn’t an alcoholic anti-semitic.

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