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Arsenal update: Santi Cazorla leaving already? New Suarez bid

By Stefano on July 17th, 2013

Well there are a pair of monster stories this morning. First up is the shock news that Arsenal’s classy midfielder Santi Cazorla has agreed personal terms with Atletico Madrid and that the two clubs are now talking about a transfer fee.

The news was reported in Spain during the night by Marca. Interestingly it hasn’t been picked up by any of the UK papers yet – though I am sure it is a matter of time.

It sounds unlikely though doesn’t it? Cazorla had a successful start to his Arsenal career, seems happy at the club and has given no impression of angling for a move…

Yet this would be the third time that the player has moved in three years – bit of a pattern?

It could just be that the player’s agent is pushing for extra cash to put him on the same level as other Arsenal players. But if there is some truth in this it is a tad worrying. Maybe Arsene better start thinking about Cesc again.

Meanwhile the papers are full of the story that Arsenal are about to bid again for Liverpool’s Luis Suarez.

The Metro has just gone live with this

Suarez’s representatives believe they can force through a transfer if an offer of £40m is lodged – something Liverpool contest.

The Reds believe they only have to inform the player of a bid, and have no obligation to accept, but the striker’s camp wants this theory put to the test.

Suarez has indicated his willingness to join both Arsenal and Madrid, but it’s the Gunners who are the most likely to firm up their original offer in the 26-year-old.

Maybe it is just me but I still can’t see this happening either. Surely the Suarez bids are a smoke screen to get Real to hurry up and buy the player so that Arsenal can get a better deal on Higuain. Around £40 million for a player is a lot of money ,especially one who can’t be guaranteed not to miss chunks of the season through his misdemeanours.


Arsenal update: Real after Cazorla, Higuain news and Benjamin Mendy details

By Stefano on June 25th, 2013

Well we thought this was the summer it wasn’t going to happen, but it seems that several clubs are sniffing around some of Arsenal’s most high profile players. Like Laurent Koscielny who seems to be hinting that he is staying at The Emirates in spite of interest from a number of clubs.

But he isn’t only one. The Daily Star says that Real are planning a surprise move for Arsenal playmaker Santi Cazorla. The little Spaniard, who has at times been breathtaking this season, doesn’t sound however as if he is going anywhere.

He said

“In football you have to live in the moment,”

“I have three years left on my contract and I have not thought of anything like that. My plan is to continue at the club.

“Arsenal are treating me very well and I want to win a title with them. In football, you cannot predict the future at any time.”

The Higuain saga rumbles on, though the confirmation of Carlo Ancelotti as new manager of Real ought in theory to hurry up the player’s exit. A lot of sites, including SportstDirectNews, are predicting that the player will announce his move, almost certainly to Arsenal by the end of the week.

Finally HITC has the lowdown on French teenager Benjamin Mendy who The Gunners are allegedly trying to tempt away from Le Havre. Although he has been billed as a left back – which is odd given the prowess of the two left backs on Arsenal’s books – Mendy can play on the left side of the centre. Given that he is 6 foot 1 inch, this could well be why Wenger is targeting him, maybe as a Vermaelen replacement? Arsenal are reported to have bid £2.5 million for the player which Le Havre obviously don’t feel is anything like enough.

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