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River Island coral tie

By admin on August 15th, 2008

river island coral tie.jpg
Cheap and cheerful this tie is a quick fix to brighten up your wardrobe, the bright coral is such a good colour.

Ok so it’s polyester and you might get bored of the colour but as a wardrobe pick-me-up it’s second to none. At only £9.99 from River Island it’s definitely worth a punt, taking your outfit from normal to formal never looked this good.

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Dramatic Celebrity T-Shirts from Topman

By Will Reid on March 25th, 2008

71z39rblk_normal Recently, my colleague Jason posted on t-shirts from Raw Power that featured celebrities with painted faces and mug-shot style profiles. Now, Topman has picked up on the look and began creating copies for prices more attractive to shoppers. Don’t be mistaken- the tees are hardly cheap but what’s £20 between fashionistos?

My personal favourite is this Blondie-print t-shirt but other examples feature Marc Bolan in a Glam-rock red. With crew-neck collar and made from 100% cotton these t-shirts are a real find and can be worn as a backdrop for greater things or as the main highlight of an outfit. Colour injection or bad-day ease, this is an item that in true Topman-style remains wearable but stylish. What else could you ask for in a t-shirt?

T-shirt, Topman, £20

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