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Troglodyte Homunculus Shirts

By admin on May 15th, 2008


When you describe a new brand to someone, it’s usually best that their name is short and rolls off the tongue. Clearly this rulebook wasn’t handed down to Troglodyte Homunculus, who seem intent on making any admirers of their work sound like idiots – just try and say it out loud in a conversation.

Given TH’s moniker, you’d be forgiven for thinking the clothes would be super sharp suits instead of the lightweight, casual check shirts that they make. Designed by the designers from Seize sur Vingt, the shirts are designed to do double up as smart and casual wear, with checks being the main theme. Prices start from $156 and you can get these from Blackbird.

Clothing, T-shirts, Polos & Shirts

Filippa K check shirt

By admin on May 8th, 2008

checkshirt.jpgWith big bold checks being all the rage, it can be easy to forget about the subtler check shirt. This Filippa K shirt has checks so small they’re near invisible from a distance. The matching options with this shirt are vast, as it’s smart enough to wear to a (casual) office and could also fit in well with the nautical theme, should you be wishing to take on that look this summer.

They also have the added bonus of being on sale, going for $142 instead of $189. It’s not sample sale prices, but it’s still a good deal for a well made shirt.

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Aem Kei Check Shirt

By admin on April 2nd, 2008

aemkei tee.JPG

We all know checks are in. As a reader of
this blog, you’ll know this because you’re quite fashion forward. But the
average person knows checks are in because just about everyone is wearing them.
This Aem
Kei check shirt
is won’t make you stand out in the same way a sheer shirt
would, but it does everything very well.

The versatility is the best feature of
check shirts. You can roll the sleeves up and go all indie or you can just do
the top button up and look like a Latino Gangbanger. I’m not sure why you’d want to look like a gangbanger, but each to their own. Seeing the material is soft and built to
last, the £76 is justified.

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Cheap Monday’s Kostym range

By admin on April 1st, 2008
cheapcollage copy.jpg

Cheap Monday look set to keep on branching out with their KOSTYM
range. Featuring suits, trench coats and the ubiquitous check shirt, the detailing on the items is what they’re hoping will set them apart. The asymmetrical buttoning on the trench coats is similar to 70′s leather jackets and the suits are very slim fit.

After H&M’s buyout of the company it’s interesting to see the brand move into suits. Topman are pretty much the only company specializing in tight suits and it’ll be interesting to see if H&M start stocking Cheap Monday in a select few of their outlets in order to compete. If you can’t wait that long you can order some of the Kostym range from Alter.

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