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David Walliams- Ladies Man, Transvestite, Children’s Book Author?

By Will Reid on October 8th, 2008

walliams.jpgDavid Walliams, the man who shot to stardom with the launch of Little Britain, has accomplished many things. He’s won a ton of awards, just launched state-side, swam across the English Channel and even been spotted with the likes of Natalie Imbruglia and Kate Moss on his arm. Now, the comedian had decided to write a book for children, ‘The Boy In The Dress,’ about a boy who likes to dress in female clothing and his journey to see the approval of his peers. Illustrated by Quentin Blake, I’m sure it will sell simply on shock factor but it would struggle to be as shocking as this editorial from Parade magazine.

In the editorial, Walliams struts his (hairy) stuff in designer couture in an effort to publicise his latest career move. Oh, dear.

See after the jump for all the photos- and it only gets worse!

(Source: Daily Mail)

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HBB Scary Children Tee

By admin on February 28th, 2008


Everyone knows children are scary right? Their long gangly legs and arms? Freaky. That hungry look they give when they’re waiting for the swings to become free? Unsettling!
I’m just kidding, I love the little bastards, but I also love this T-shirt by HBB from Your Eyes Lie. Nothing says ‘husband material’ like a man with hundreds of half-starved children all over his top.  It’s only ten pounds and would look great with everything. Everything I tell thee!
I like the way they’ve made use of the print so it becomes more like a pattern. We’ve seen a lot of that lately. It gives you a lot more flexibility with necklines and jackets and the like as you don’t have to worry about where the print will sit, you can just have these creepy little faces peering over the top of your boat neck jumper. Brill.

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