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Still wearing your Christmas Jumper? Why you should wear it all winter long

By Stefano on December 30th, 2012

Patterned jumpers have been, to use the parlance, on trend since about 2010, but this year they finally hit the mainstream and every high street store had a range. Even the BBC noted the fashion and published a very sweet article examining the reasons why it is now de rigeur for a bloke to liven up at least one Christmas party with knitwear festooned with reindeers and santas.

Bizarrely metal bands got in on the trend. One of Brandish’s most popular posts this winter was the story about Slayer offering their own xmas jumper and the fact that it sold out within a few hours of it hitting their site.

So Christmas jumpers are great. But are they the contemporary version of the Homer Simpson tie? Great for a festive gathering too but destined for  the back of wardrobe once the Brussels Sprouts have gone hard?

Well much depends on your definition of Christmas jumper. If we are being fundamentalist about it Christmas jumpers should be fairly lurid, think bright green and red, or an odd shade of blue and should have at the very least an image of Santa, a reindeer or two or a sprig of mistletoe. It should be a serious chunky knit too – preferably home made by an elderly relative who has spent half a year creating it. Think the natty threads so wonderfully sported by Colin Firth in The Bridget Jones first movie.

In reality though many so called Christmas Jumpers are actually just patterned jumpers or Fairisle jumpers or even Nordic influenced jumpers and it is these that have been all over the stores recently.

So why have we suddenly got crazy about patterned knitwear. Part of it stems from the fact that the first people wearing patterned jumpers were hipsters who may have been wearing them in a (sighs) ironic way. What better  item to team up with your yellow twisty chinos than a bright patterned jumper? It pretty much says that you are so cool you really can wear what you like. This might work for 20 something Dalston-ites but if you are approaching your 30s and beyond you might want  to think twice about what exactly constitutes a statement jumper.

Fortunately you are in luck for as time has gone by there has also been a revival in Fairisle jumpers and our current obsession with Scandi TV has heightened the profile of Nordic jumpers.

So here then is a quick guide to patterned jumpers. I’d leave the reindeer at home, but most patterned jumpers are great for all winter long.

Nordic jumpers

Picture 6 of 7
Picture 6 of 7

As made hugely popular by a certain Ms Sarah Lund, this is a £165 jumper made in the Faroe Islands. Sarah Lund Jumpers


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Last minute Christmas panic? Seven cool jumpers some of which are now in the sale

By Stefano on December 18th, 2012

Lambretta Birds-eye Diamond Crew £65

Picture 1 of 7
Picture 1 of 7

Rather smart navy and white Retro crew neck jumper from Lambretta. Comes with Vintage textured birdseye effect to the oversized Sixties Mod Argyle pattern. Lambretta

Not bought that Christmas jumper for the man you love yet? Or maybe your are a bloke who wants some new knitwear to help you face the sleet, snow and driving rain that is coming next month?

Here are few suggestions, some of which are in the sale.


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Stocking fillers – five jumpers for under £30

By Stefano on November 26th, 2012

We haven’t had a jumper post on this website for a day or two now, which is odd because as John Lewis email pointed out this morning it is only 29 sleeps until Christmas.

Round about now the great jumper sale begins with high street brands traditionally slashing prices in a bid to piss off people who did their Christmas shopping early tempt us to finally buy the knitwear that first caught our eye in September.

Even without the price cutting though there are however a few rather decent sub £30 jumpers that we would take a punt on, and here are five of them.

The massive downsides of cheap jumpers are 1 If they are mainly acrylic then they can be a bit scratchy to wear. 2 If they are cheap wool or wool mix they don’t tend to wash too well and may be out of shape by the time you pull the Christmas tree down.

The massive upside is that you can wear them with pride over the festive season (and in the snow that is inevitably going to hit the UK in December) and they are cheap as chips.

If you have a bit more budget check out these Cashmere, Classic and Statement jumpers.

Burton's Skier Blue £30

Picture 1 of 5
Picture 1 of 5

If you aren't put off by the tag 100% acrylic then this Burton's jumper has a suitably cheery skier motif. Also available in grey.



River Island


Atom Retro BJ


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Brandish Christmas List #6 William Fox Fairisle Jumper

By Stefano on November 19th, 2012

One of our favourite knitwear brands is William Fox, who have been in the business of manufacturing top quality sporting goods and and assorted gentlemen’s attire for over a century now.

The brand’s new range is available at Present and includes some classics and few quirky items too. My pick of the bunch is this Fairisle jumper in cream – but click through for a whole load of others including some odd stripes and neck patterns.

The jumpers are made from high quality lambswool and start at around £160.

Fairisle Jumper in cream £195

Picture 1 of 5
Picture 1 of 5

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7 Classic Christmas jumpers – stylish men’s knitwear you can wear all winter long

By Stefano on November 14th, 2012

Ben Sherman Intarsia £60

Picture 1 of 7
Picture 1 of 7

Subtle grey and black Merino jumper Ben Sherman

There is a bit of trend in comedy jumpers this season. You only need to check out River Island’s selection to see how prevalent they are. If you want knitwear that doesn’t have to be teamed up with paper hats and plastic cracker jewelry that you can wear all winter long then check out this lot.

These are our favourites of the season. All classic jumpers. All very stylish and a little more conservative than our last selection.

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10 Men’s Trophy Jumpers to warm your winter wardrobe

By Gerald Lynch on October 24th, 2012

Bit chilly out, isn’t it? If you’re still running about in flip-flops and short sleeves then a) You’re mental and b) take a look at the calendar, it’s the middle of October!

Global warming may be jumbling up the seasons like a misguided game of drunken Twister, but winter’s definitely kicking in now. If the change in weather has caught you by surprise, have no fear! We’ve put together a round up of our favourite trophy jumpers for the season, meaning you’ll be able to make a statement with your knitwear while saving the pennies keeping the immersion heater switched off.

Scroll down to check out our picks!

Shades of Grey Jumper with Fairisle Print - £150

Picture 1 of 10
Picture 1 of 10

Not quite 50 shades with this Shades of Grey jumper, but if you're into Fairisle prints with a blue hue, this is a luxurious bit of knitwear. Available from ASOS for £150.

And if you want something classic and stylish try this jumper selection.

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