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January Sale piece: Nerve’s brown coat

By admin on January 7th, 2008

What’s the word most associated with the
phrase ‘January sales’? Is it ‘great bargains’ or ‘horrible panic buy made just
to get out of the shop with something’? For most, it’s the latter. Bright lights and awful music can make for
some terrible shopping decisions. So why not take some time out, turn your
lights down low, put on whatever music you like and take a seat. Although you
should have been sitting down already, unless you use a PC standing up. And
that’s just bizarre.

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Gainsbourg trousers

By Isabelle on May 3rd, 2007

GainsbourgThese "gainsbourg" trousers (no that’s not the reason I chose them! Ok, maybe a little bit) from Obedient Sons ($311) are very summery, the little blue and white stripes are so fresh. The cut is great, low on the hips without showing bum, and slim enough to look lean and not skinny. Check out the link to see the cool little back pockets with nice white buttons, they look like bum nipples, outrageous!
Wear them with beat-up dark brown lace ups, a white short-sleeved shirt and trench coat for a modern summer look. Ditch the trench and lace ups for white canvas pumps and a cardigan for a more casual appearance.

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Bamford and Sons organic range

By ShinyMedia on April 27th, 2007

Over at Hippyshopper yesterday they were marvelling at Bamford and Sons organic range. The reange is made from 100% organic cotton, which is made into muslin shirts, jeans, jackets and t-shirts. They also have a range of ecologically produced leather goods made without chemicals, and tanned using vegetable dyes. Choose from a range of wallets, belts, bags and sandals. Their main range isn’t organic but features the same classic looks with slightly sharper tailoring.

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Yes No Maybe clothing

By Isabelle on March 27th, 2007


I can’t look at any ‘Yes No Maybe’ clothing without thinking of the Malcolm in the Middle theme song but that’s me and my jingle obsessed brain. I usually hate smug slogan t-shirts but the ‘bukkake ruined my carpet’ one is actually quite funny. I think it’s the mundane mention of a carpet that stops it from being too ‘student wanker’. It’s a reasonable £25, but if you fancy something a bit more people friendly then their ‘doodles’ sweatshirt (£45) is the perfect thing to keep you occupied for an entire train ride home.

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