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The ultimate Mlutch?

By Colin Chapman on April 3rd, 2009

Matches_mlutch.jpgOn a recent visit to Matches boutique on Marylebone High Street, I couldn’t take my hands off this amazing mlutch bag. Whilst the Matches website (and no doubt producer, Zagliani) coyly describe it as a ‘document holder’ it’s most definitely a mlutch. Too big to be a lady clutch bag, expandable to fit um, a few flat items like the essential glossy mag, passport (I’m struggling here), spare pants.. ‘documents’? The amazing python leather has to be stroked to be really appreciated. Of course, such perfection comes at a price: £688.

Still reading? Though I’ve since failed to find anything quite so lovely in my luxury mlutch quest, Matches also stock this ‘pouch’ also by Zagliani at a less eye-watering £194. My suspicion is that alternatives could only really be tracked down in Italy, where no doubt there is an elegant store frequented by camp, document-wielding men with a penchant for expensive skins. If you find it, the Brandish team would love to know.

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Mlutch obliged: would you carry a clutch bag?

By admin on February 10th, 2009

mlutch man clutch bag mulberry philip lim faith.jpg
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How could we have missed the boat on this one? We heralded the age of the ‘medge’ aka the male wedge and we all witnessed the explosion of guyliner, manscara and what have you but somehow the ‘mlutch’ evaded us.

Charlie Porter
‘s been gadding about town sporting the BOT (Bang On Trend) accessory but everybody knows that the trend started with Kel Knight of Kath and Kim fame and his manpurse, a vision in grey leather. I’ve picked out a few women’s clutches that you could happily pass off as a mlutch, jump through to find out more.

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