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This summer’s hottest plimsolls and canvas shoes

By Stefano on June 21st, 2013

Ever wondered why the plimsoll is called that? According to Nicholette Jones’ book The Plimsoll Sensation in the 1870s it got the name because the coloured horizontal band joining the upper to the sole resembled the Plimsoll line on a ship’s hull. So just like the Plimsoll line on a ship, if water got above the line of the rubber sole the wearer would get wet.

So now we’re officially in summer, we can safely get out our plimsolls! (and hopefully avoid trench foot following a British summer…)

So much cooler than trainers, here’s our top ten plimsolls to step out in this summer.

Ted Baker Lace-Up Espadrilles £65

Picture 9 of 10
Picture 9 of 10

Ted Baker call these espadrilles, but we like to think we’re in the same ballpark as plimsolls. Made from textile with a repeat geometric print pattern throughout, with contrast piping. With raffia trim midsole and plain tread. Asos

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Go Pro with Converse and Share your Moves with the World

By shinychris on October 8th, 2012

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New Pro Streets game launches in six European cities alongside Pro Leather Vulcs

The new Converse Pro Leather Vulcs range has launched, and Converse has kicked off a European-wide celebration of street culture to mark the occasion. Pro Streets is an innovative game that seeks to find out what’s buzzing on the streets of six of the world’s most culturally diverse cities: London, Madrid, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam and Milan.

Setting up CCTV-style Pro Streets cameras across Europe, Chucks fans are invited to show off their most original moves – from MC battles to breaking, skate tricks to dance routines. The game launched in London on August 29, with cameras in five of the city’s coolest boroughs: Camden, Brixton, Mile End, Finsbury Park and Ladbroke Grove, open to anyone to perform, any time. The footage is uploaded to the Pro Streets website, where you can view what’s happening at street level, and vote for your favourite vids.

Already, there are hundreds of videos online, showcasing a crazy array of moves and performances – from solo singers to guys showing off their prowess with a football, it’s giving young kids a platform to show the world their skills. There’s no big prize money involved, just the chance to get some recognition, and for people to explore the creativity at play in some of Europe’s grittiest neighbourhoods.

Encouraging creativity like this has become the heart of the Converse brand ethic. Since their first iconic All-Star basketball boot launched in 1917, Cons have grown up on the streets, becoming an essential part of the youth aesthetic for generation after generation. Punk through grunge, hip-hop through indie, A-list celebs to the world’s leading sports stars – Converse have graced the feet of some of the world’s most creative and talented bright young things. Keenly aware of this fact, Converse has set out to shine a spotlight on, celebrate, and encourage the urge to create, and their Pro Streets game is the latest in a string of initiatives that have set out to do just that.

Setting up a recording studio in Brooklyn, Rubber Tracks, that bands can use for free, promoting emerging artists and sports stars of all kinds on their website, saving London’s legendary 100 Club with sponsorship, and launching their Fix to Ride scheme – fixing up battered and cracked bowls to make them skateable again, then opening them up to the public for free – these are just some of the things that Converse has been doing to enable people, especially the young, to do what they love to do. Of course, this is all part of building the brand, but it’s also giving something back to communities and kids who love their Cons.

If you’re in London looking to get involved in the Pro Streets game, you’ll find cameras at the Sobell Leaisure Centre at Finsbury Park, Mile End Skate Park, Aytoun Place in Brixton, Camden’s Cantelowes Gardens and Portobello Green Fitness Centre in Ladbroke Grove.

The new Pro Leather Vulcs range takes inspiration from the original Converse Pro Leather shoe, launched in 1976, and is available exclusively from JD Sports in the UK.


Picture 1 of 4
Picture 1 of 4


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Yarn-bombing for the Converse Knitted Cuff

By Laura on September 30th, 2011

The latest offering from Converse, brings street style and the unique, eco-urban mark-making art form Yarn-Bombing together, to create the Knitted Cuff.

HOTTEA, is one of the many artist working in the medium across the US. He got into Yarn-Bombing after being shot by a taser gun and spending three days in jail for graffiti. By changing the medium he works in, he was able to continue augmenting his environment without damaging it…lowering his risk of being caught by councils and police.

HOTTEA as well as a number of other Yarn-Bombing artists’ joined up with Converse and Foot Locker to bring their unique artform to the campaign and Europe, using threads of yarn to artistically link every day street objects, giving the environment its very own version of the knitted cuff.

The shoe comes in a number of colourways including a knitted red, black and white woollen cuff with a grey canvas upper on a high top silhouette. It is also available is a series of plaid collars .

The Knitted Cuff by Converse is available now exclusively at Foot Locket for £54.99

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Converse AR App: Try On Shoes Without Leaving The House

By admin on December 8th, 2010

Hate shoe shopping? Converse has released a cool new iPhone app that lets users try any shoe from their catalogue simply by pointing an iPhone at their feet.

The app uses augmented reality to place a virtual shoe over your foot, so that you can get an idea of how the shoes will look. All with out the piles of shoe boxes, disgruntled store assistants and never ending lines.

Once you find a pair you like, then simply click through to the store where you can purchase the shoes directly from your phone.

The app is free to download here



Wood Wood Converse update

By Jonathan Smith on December 4th, 2008


In September we told you about the multitude of special edition and collaborated Converse that were hitting shop shelves this A/W, here’s a quick update on my pick of the lot. The Wood Wood All Star, made from mono purple suede and brandishing Wood Wood logo on the tongue is now set for release state side tomorrow from DQM. This release was originally slated for October but better late than never I say! Hopefully this will be made available in the UK soon also so If I see one, you’ll be the first to know.

Jump through for a detailed look.

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Chucks away!

By Jonathan Smith on September 18th, 2008


Well Cons really, but that lacks impact. This week has seen many a colab and limited edition from Converse, jump through for a very brief run down.

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Converse gets a birthday card from the Queen

By Jonathan Smith on August 29th, 2008

converse-100th-anniversary-october-1.jpgConverse is older than my Nan, and to celebrate this the geriatric company has brought out some of its lesser known pieces from its 100 year old back catalog. For October Converse Japan has previewed various styles such as the Camping Hi, Weapon Custom Color Ox, All Star Tassel Hi and All Star Rave Hi.

These are some great looking pieces and really bulk out the Converse collection which has recently only really consisted of All Stars, Jack Purcells and the occasional Weapon.

Jump through to see the rest of the preview.

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Dr Martens are back, just have a little faith here

By Jonathan Smith on August 11th, 2008

june08_drmartens.jpgDr Martens are one of these timeless brands, like Converse, who’s iconic shoes have changed little since they were first conceived, which in both these cases was many a moon before any of us were.

DMs fade in and out of obscurity with ease and have for the last few years been bubbling under the surface pulling their profits from the hardcore fans, but I predict a comeback. With early ’80s style being so hot right now it takes little imagination to make that jump to skinny acid washed jeans and a pair of Docs, but only time and perhaps our street style posts will tell.

For A/W 08 Dr Martens are bringing you the Monochrome range, the super simple 1460 boot available in either all black or all white, and if my prediction is worth its salt then these will sell well. Coming soon to Oki-Ni.

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Fashion Vs. Sport

By Jonathan Smith on August 7th, 2008


The link between fashion and sport is undeniable, even the fashion heavyweights such as Ralph Lauren and Fred Perry have history in sporting activities of various types. Assuming you’re not head to toe in bespoke suit and a pair of wingtips it’s an almost certainty that you’re wearing some kind of sportswear, unless of course you’re reading this naked. In which case kudos.The link is even more noticeable in the street fashion scene with uber-weight sport’s companies like Adidas and Nike pretty much owning the game with vintage re-releases and limited editions.

The Fashion Vs. Sport exhibition at the V&A started this week and is running through to the 4th of January. The exhibition explores in depth the link between sport and fashion and looks to be a bloody fun and educational afternoon out. For more info get over to the V&A’s website here.

To celebrate the exhibition I have knocked together my top 5 sport fashion items, check them out after the jump!

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Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Light

By admin on June 25th, 2008


You should all be grateful. I was this close to typing ‘Converse starts boxing clever’ in that headline. It’s hard to talk about these Converses without thinking about boxing as the reduction of the sole makes them look more suited for 12 rounds in the ring.

As far as gold trainers go these are ok, but they don’t look better than the other pair of gold Converses we posted a while back. If you like the boxing-style ones better, they’ll be available from next week.

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Converse Leather Jacket trainers

By admin on June 11th, 2008

We rarely feature Converse because they’re so popular there’s next to no point in doing so. Even the special editions are worn by every Tarquin, Richard and Harold. With all that said, I am particularly looking forward to these leather jacket trainers.

The zips are useless, but they’re also the detail that sets these apart from standard Converse’s. Most special edition All Stars just have a snazzy pattern or colourway, so it’s nice to see a pair actually deviate from the blueprint for once. These will be available in specialised stores from July.


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Kurt Cobain-inspired Converse range

By admin on March 19th, 2008

converse kurt cobain trainer shoe.jpgI would have thought the era of Kurt Cobain hero-worship would have long reached its expiry date by now but it seems that there is still some mileage to be had in the dead grunge idol.

Fourteen years after his death Converse are releasing a collection of sneakers inspired by the Nirvana frontman. “Distressed in the way Kurt Cobain wore them, the shoes display his hopes, dreams and lyrics from amazing songs such as ‘Come As You Are,’ ” the press release reads.

[Source: Page Six]

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Design Your Own Converse

By admin on February 18th, 2008

Remember the fun we had designing new Nike Dunks? By “we” I mean “I” and by “designing” I mean “changing colours”.
In any case, it seems Converse have had a similar idea with their Product Red collection. So not only are you creating shoes to suit your own particular idiosyncrasies, you’re helping charity too.
Here are three of mine using the Converse Skidgrip, which I’m sure you will agree are fantastic. You can also design your own Jack Purcells as well as Chuck Taylors in low top, high top and x-hi top. From $60 it’s quite reasonable too. Have fun. And by “have fun” I mean “wave bye-bye to your evening”.


Metallic Converse trainers

By admin on February 11th, 2008


A wise man once said, ‘you can never have enough Converse all stars’. Clearly he was wrong, but you could always do with adding some metallic colours to your shoe wardrobe. Getting a pair of Converse in gold or silver should set you on the right path.

I know what you’re thinking. They look too span-dangly. Don’t worry, they’re actually quite understated for a metallic gold trainer. Well, they as understated as a pair of gold trainers can be, you’ll still stand out from pretty much everyone with these on your feet. But that’s a good thing.

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Top Five smart trainers

By ShinyMedia on April 24th, 2007


Smart trainers are a great staple, perfect for smartening up casualwear and making suits look less stuffy, so I’ve picked five that will easily take you from work to the weekend. Starting with the Onitsuka Tiger (pictured), the bright orange adds a flash of interest and will give a high tec look to a grey suit. The Adidas Samba is a classic, and this reworked version is stylishly unobtrusive. Two Converse shoes, the first is features an eye-pleasing combo of cream and stony beige, and the second is the classic all black Mono. Lastly, the Puma 5000m is more of a standout shoe but will look great with dark blue jeans or a brown suit or cords. See after the jump for full image and product links.

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