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Eton release the world’s most expensive shirt

By admin on May 9th, 2008

Eton shirts are celebrating their 80th birthday in style, the Swedish company have commissioned an ultra-special shirt which is excessive even by Elton John standards. The world’s most expensive shirt is valued at £23,000 and features the finest Egyptian cotton yarn. The studs and cufflinks are diamond encrusted, the studs have coloured diamonds and the cufflinks have the plain old normal diamonds, yawn!
The fancy shirt is touring the world passing through some of Eton’s stores including Milan, LA and Stockholm and will be auctioned off for charity next year.


Pretty girls wear pearls…The stylish man sports Mikimoto of Japan

By ShinyMedia on January 7th, 2008

Sanyetta Baptiste writes:

Trendstop is putting their reputation on the line to bring you the newest male fashion trend.  Pearls for men.  I know…I know.  It sounds a bit absurd.  But do you remember the man bag of our beloved Friends?  Who’s laughing now?

Men’s fashion is finally catching on. Pearls are classic.  Case closed.  Okay, one must admit if worn incorrectly by even the manliest of men, this trend can render its wearer a bit effeminate – if not Mardi Gras bound.  However, as with everything, tact is the key. We suggest that you forgo your mum’s precious strand for more subtle accents.  For example, the addition of a simple but never understated pair of Mikimoto pearl cufflinks can add masculine elegance to any gentleman’s wardrobe.    

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