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Nine Two Five reveal “Debut” designer cufflinks range

By Gerald Lynch on October 4th, 2012

Nine Two Five "Debut" cufflinks

Picture 1 of 17
Picture 1 of 17

Nine Two Five have revealed their Debut cufflink collection, pulling together a range of nine pairs based on the famous 925 hallmark.

Starting at £160 and going up to £200 for the most expensive cufflinks in the range, the sterling silver sets strive to “produce classic designs with a modern twist, manufactured with true craftsmanship.”

In the same way you can’t wear a pair of trousers without a good belt, cufflinks really finish off a formal shirt, and also give the opportunity to add a little personal flair to what may otherwise be a stuffy outfit.

Of the entire range, our favourite set is easily the Lapis blue Jelly Bean pair, which are finished with a semi-precious stone inset into the sterling silver link. Call us cheap, but they’re also among the most affordable of the range, priced at £160.

For more info on the Debut collection, and to grab a pair, visit the Nine Two Five website.


How will you be spending Valentine’s this year?

By admin on February 3rd, 2009

paul smith heart cufflinks valentine.jpgIt’s less than two weeks to the day which, depending on your opinion, is either a way to express your romantic side or a pointless greetings card fest.

We’re busy planning gift ideas on Catwalk Queen which will come in useful if you have a girlfriend, but what will you be up to if you are single, cynical, or have a boyfriend?

Take our poll and let us know what you’ll be up to this 14th of February, or sound off on our Facebook Blog Networks page!

Paul Smith cufflinks, Harrods: £45.

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Burton stockings lady cufflinks

By Isabelle on March 10th, 2008

Burton_cufflinks_lady_stockingBurton have come a long way, their Black Label range is one of
the few great high street ranges for men but they still have a few duff
items like these ‘Stockings Lady’ cufflinks (£12).
I had to laugh when I saw them but I shudder to think of the kind of person who would actually buy these. The only purpose I can see fit for them is as a birthday present for someone you hate, only slightly better than say, a didgeridoo or a pair of comedy pants.

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