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Affordable expression: custom T’s

By jsmith on July 10th, 2009


You can’t get a tattoo anymore, everyone has them. Everyone has t-shirts too but t-shirts cost, hurt and infect less.

You’ve been able to get your own t-shirts printed for years now, but until recently they have been on the shoddy and expensive side of things, now though you can get yourself a quality T printed with your personal slogan for around the £20 mark, not bad considering that’s what you would pay on the high street for a totally ubiquitous t-shirt. is where I get all my shirts printed up at, they give you plenty of options, free P+P and there is no minimum order- winner. There are plenty other places out there to get shirts custom printed so you are spoilt for choice, personally I like the classic black print on white but the possibilities are endless. So it’s time to get personal with your clothing and enjoy finding that fine line between witty and offensive.


Suitopia, moustache not included

By admin on October 1st, 2008

suitopia swedish suit custom.jpg
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I’m not the biggest fan of custom-altered off the peg suits, if you want a well-fitting suit then save up and visit a tailor.

Having said that there’s no denying that a personalised suit serves a purpose and is great for those who want the next step up from off the peg. Suitopia, a Swedish company, offer a service which includes embroidered initials, choice of fabrics and cut. Their fabrics are all reassuringly tasteful variations on grey, petrol blue and brown but the thing which endears me most to the company is their mustachioed man wearing their suit of the month, above.

Jeans & Trousers

Custom Levi’s from… Levi’s!

By Jonathan Smith on September 3rd, 2008

jeans.jpgHitting you up with some more Levi’s action, this time from Japan. Levi’s Japan has launched a new service for all of those who wanted custom jeans straight out the box. Following in the footsteps of Nike I.D it is now possible to get custom jeans direct from Levi’s with the ability to pick the cut, wash, wear, and details such as rivet colour and paint spatters.

This is all good and I’m sure it will take off, though I would like to see some more wash options and a few different cuts other than 502 regular wide, 505 regular wide and 517 bootcut- what’s wrong with a nice skinny fit?

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