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A2B announces 6 new Electric Bikes

By shinychris on April 12th, 2013

A2B Hybrid24

Picture 1 of 10
Picture 1 of 10

Unless you are a big aficionado of electric bikes, A2B is probably not a brand you’ve ever heard of. But they actually launched one of the first electric bikes, or e-bikes, nearly four years ago. Dubbed the A2B Metro it was quite well received at the time but at £2500 was quite pricey as well as fairly bulky, tipping the scales at a hefty 37Kg (about twice the weight of a conventional bike). Since then the company has gone through a number of changes, including new ownership (it is now owned by Indian scooter firm, Hero-Electric), a complete re-branding, and a shift towards manufacturing its top end bikes in Germany.

Still available, the A2B Metro has been renamed the Octave and there’s also a foldable electric bike, the Kuo, which at 19Kg is the lightest in the range. At London’s South Bank, A2B also announced six new models ranging in price from £1400 to a very pricey £2699. Included in the line up is the stylish retro looking Galvani (see Tech Digest review here) and the superfast 28mph Shima.

New models:

Shima (£2,450 – Spring 2013)
Galvani – Male and Female (£1,450 – Spring 2013)
Ferber (£1400 – Spring 2013)
Entz (from £2699 – Autumn 2013)
Ørsted (£1899 – Autumn 2013)
Obree (£2199 – Autumn 2013)

For more information on the range head to A2B’s website
To find out more about the e-bike market head here.

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H&M’s Cycling range is back – including some great retro tops

By Stefano on February 13th, 2013

h&m-cycling-rangeLast year H&M became one of the biggest clothing retailers (though Levi’s got there first) to start to take cycling seriously. Spurred on by the growth in the number of cyclists and also a little by our success at The Olympics the company teamed up with Brick Lane Cycles and launched a capsule range of jackets, retro jerseys and more

Well the second range has been unveiled and it is due to land in H&M’s 180 stores and on-line from 7th March.

The spin is that each item has been designed with the needs of modern cyclists in mind. So the items are technically suited to cycling, but still ideal for wearing all day long.

Included are water repellent rider jackets and articulated blazers, caps and more. But is is the vintage-inspired bike jerseys that caught our eye. These are very classy and are made from a mix of Merino wool and recycled polyester.

Describing the range the company says

Shirts come quilted for colder days and in plaid checks with reinforced patches on the lower sleeves. The crewneck top has a zip and ventilation holes, as well as sleeves cut for extra mobility, while the rider T-shirt has a functional pocket on the back. Rider’s trousers similar to a functional chino. Legs are cut for slightly bended knees, a reinforced crotch, and reflective tape seams on the inside leg which are visible when rolled up for extra safety.

“This collection captures the energy and excitement of Brick Lane Bikes, along with our respect for the traditions of cycling. I love how the technical details become part of the look of each piece, while the colours bring cycling’s heritage to life. I can’t wait to see guys wearing these clothes as they ride the streets of the world,” says Feya Buchwald, founder of Brick Lane Bikes.

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Library prank puts Lance Armstrong’s fitness guide in “Fiction” section

By Gerald Lynch on January 21st, 2013

Forget the shame of his Oprah Winfrey Show tell-all last week, Lance Armstrong’s biggest blow must surely be this snipe from one of the kings of geekdom, the humble librarian.

At Manly Library in Sidney, a cheeky librarian posted the following notice:


‘Lance Armstrong: Images of a Champion’, ‘The Lance Armstrong Performance Program’ and ‘Lance Armstrong: World’s Greatest Champion’




All appended with a smiley :)

Nicely done, library man! Armstrong, the fallen 41-year old cycling champ deserves nothing less after finally admitting to doping his way to all seven of his Tour de France victories.

Though taken in good humour, it doesn’t look like Manly Council will be applying the zealous librarian’s re-classification of Armstrong’s fitness titles and biographies.

“This was a prank, it happened on Saturday and a member of the public has taken a photo and posted it on social media and it’s gone viral on social media,” said Chris Parsons of Manly Council.

“However you can’t simple reclassify books from fiction to non-fiction,” he said, stating that classifications weren’t decided at local libraries but by omniscient powers at the fabled “central level”.

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H&M teaming up with Brick Lane Bikes for cycling-in-style range

By Gerald Lynch on December 5th, 2012

H&M are getting set to partner with the uber-trendy London cycling experts at Brick Lane Bikes for a new Spring range aimed at cyclists.

Taking design advice from the custom bike specialists, H&M are putting together an 11-piece capsule collection, with the aim being to design a range that cyclists can comfortably and safely wear while riding, and not look like trainspotters once they’ve dismounted and locked up their bikes. It’ll save having to bring a separate set of cycling clothes to work, so long as you keep a can of deodorant handy too.

Highlights of the range include practical Henleys and, yes honestly, a fitted tweed blazer. We can just imagine Bradley Wiggins pulling out his wallet as we type this post up!

Launching on 7 March 2013, the release of the collection and that blazer coincides nicely with the London Tweed Run for 2013, too.

Scroll up to view a video sneak-peak of the range and some of the minds behind its inception.


Brandish Christmas list #3 Kranium KR3 electric cycle

By Stefano on November 13th, 2012

Nothing splits cyclists more than the concept of electric bikes. For hardcore Wiggins types they are an affront to everything  that they cherish. However, more casual cyclists and tech heads see them as being not just cool but maybe the future of bikes.

Anyhow for commuters who want a quick way of getting to and from work electric cycles are a very good option especially if between your two destinations are sizable hills. Having used several electric bikes before I can nail the myth that if you use an electric bike any exercise goes out the window. Most electric cycles are designed so that the motor kicks in when you need a bit oomph. Not that many are powerful enough to take you long distances without you having to at least do a little pedalling. Besides there is nothing quite as invigorating as pedalling furiously and then  letting the engine kick in- you really do fly. It is Wiggins speed for less than slender and not quite totally fit types.

While I love the look of the GoCycle 2, the latest electric bike to hit my radar is the Kranium KR3 Platimum  from bike dealer Velorution (among others). So what’s cool about this. Well first unlike a lot of its rival, the battery is integrated into the frame, so it doesn’t even look like an electronic cycle. It has five pedal assisted speeds with the top one reaching around 20MPH. It has a pretty powerful battery on board too and everything is controlled by an on board computer which tells you how far you have cycled and how much power you have consumed.

Finally , also unlike a lot of its rivals, it is light enough to be picked up. Santa might have a few issues getting it down the chimney though. Yours for £1,895.


Unleash your inner Bradley Wiggins with custom Mango Bikes

By Gerald Lynch on November 2nd, 2012

The worlds of bespoke style and bicycles collide at Mango Bikes, who let you pick the colour and style of virtually every component of their custom rides.

From frame colours to handlebar styles, there’s a near-infinite amount of bikes that can be put together through all manner of part combinations. Check below for our attempt at a Tron-inspired Light Cycle!

Single-speed bikes, a Mango Bike weighs just between 10 and 12Kg by dumping the extra weight needed for gears. According to the shop’s FAQ page:

“When you ride a Mango Bike, you’ll soon see that there is no need for any gears when traveling around town (or country for that matter – we do 50 mile road rides with hills and headwinds, no problem!). The bikes are light, streamlined and hold their speed. Single speed is the way to go.”

Bikes arrive 90% assembled and are shipped with City Link and tracking codes. Front wheels, pedals and bars need to be put together manually, but Mango Bikes provide all the relevant tools and documentation in the box to make this an easy process.

Pricing starts at £269.

Click here to give their bike builder a go, and visit for more info.

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Limited edition Mission Workshop waxed Canvas Sanction bag

By Laura on December 23rd, 2011

Mission Workshop have just released a new limited edition version of their Sanction bag.
Constructed out of waxed canvas, this pack is fully waterproof and light weight.
As with the standard issue Sanction it features multiple weatherproof pockets, urethane coated zippers, and fits most 15’’ laptops making it the perfect bag for the weather-conscious urban bicyclist.

The limited edition Sanction bag retails for $219(USD)

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Mystery Ranch Outsider Messenger Bag

By Laura on March 23rd, 2011

Warmer weather is fast approaching and many are getting their bikes out again. One of the most important accessories for any cyclist (other than safety items of course) is a a solid and dependable pack for carting your possessions around.

While there are plenty of options out there, we absolutely love the latest Mystery Ranch messenger bag. The Outsider features a padded computer sleeve, numerous pockets for organization, and a detachable shoulder strap cellphone case among other elements.
Mystery Ranch bags are available on their website here

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The Brooks Barbican Bag

By Laura on January 24th, 2011

As any cyclist will know it is important to have a durable bag to carry your things around with you. In recent years the Barbican bag has certainly lead the trend, becoming a familiar sight on the shoulders of cyclists everywhere. The bag was made popular because of its tough materials, and large storage capacities.

Now Brooks, the English saddle maker, have released their version to the masses. Made from their saddle-grade leather, the Barbican is made with immaculate quality as you’d expect from the English company.

No release date yet, but it should be announced soon through their website Brooks England

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Legs get ready to rumble! Cool cycling trousers for a hot summer

By admin on June 5th, 2009


Cycling through Bloomsbury last night, I was struck by the sheer number of other cyclists on the roads. Seriously, it’s like the bicycle M1 there in rush hour. When budgets tighten and the weather brightens (sorry), cyclists come out to play, so it looks like summer is definitely set to be based around 2 wheels. And for that, you need the right outfit.

While it’s a little too warm for full-length jeans, rolling up an old pair can work pretty well. Technical cycling trousers can be fairly awful (dayglo lycra with reflective patches is not a Brandish-endorsed look), but this pair from US brand Outlier fill a gap for neatly tailored, slim trousers that are also fast-wicking and breathable. If you can’t stretch to the required $220 (plus international shipping), ASOS’s £25 slimfit chinos come in a pretty array of colours (we rate the teal ones most). Somewhere between the two sit Acne’s lovely peppermint chinos for £135. If you really want to impress the traffic, try matching your trouser colour to your bike frame.

Main Image Source: The Sartorialist

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