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J.Lindeberg Jumper

By admin on March 27th, 2008

jl jumper.jpg

Urban Outfitters have taken their sweet time getting their online store the same amount of brands as their physical store but they got there in the end. Now they have brands like D.I.E, Surface to Air, Filippa K and this J.Lindeberg jumper.

Whilst it does look slightly unremarkable in this picture, the blue colour they’ve used is a lot more vibrant than it appears in the picture. It’s an odd shade, somewhat between electric and navy blue and the piece stands out purely because it’s a shade you won’t have seen before.  At £80, it’s only slightly more expensive than a Lyle & Scott tee and you won’t have to suffer the indignity of some pie eating slob wearing the same top as you.

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D.I.E Sale Alert!

By admin on March 6th, 2008

Just as D.I.E’s spring range seeps into
shops, the official Denim is
Everything site
has extended their sale by a week, So you can spend all
payday money on important stuff, like t-shirts. The site’s sale archive is extensive,
with shirts dating back to the Autumn/Winter 2005 collection.

The shirts are also available in a colour
range that nearly rivals American Apparel, meaning you can finally get that ‘too young to d.i.e’ shirt in pink and purple, instead of boring old white and black. The
sale lasts until the end of this week and supersonic delivery (I assume that
means next day) costs £6.50 regardless of how many items you’re buying. 

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D.I.E Spring/Summer 08 range

By admin on February 11th, 2008

Die_superman_tee We’re ardent D.I.E fans here at Brandish. So we could barely contain our excitement when the D.I.E S/S range went up at Oki-Ni. While they do make other items, everyone knows that eye catching t-shirts are their speciality.

This season features a playful take on the Velvet Underground and Nico album cover and my personal favourite, this Superman shirt. I love the fact that it’s yellow, which in turn allows me to pretend that spring is here already. In fact, waiting for spring has become my favourite pastime next to searching for the perfect t-shirt and watching the Wire.

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Imaginary Kingdom tees: No that’s not that one off Eastenders

By admin on December 21st, 2007

I know I’ve been recommending a lot of
T-shirts lately but you have to wear something under your knitwear. The latest
in my long line of out-of-season picks is this Imaginary
Kingdom t-shirt

With the Sin City-esque styling of the
print, the tee does look reminiscent of a D.I.E t-shirt. Which is no bad thing, D.I.E seem to release about 3 good shirts each season so it’s best to stock up on look-a-likes. The character on the
front does look a bit like Michelle Ryan, so you may have to assure people you’re
not a crazed Bionic Woman fan.

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