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13-yr old dad Alfie Patten tells world “F***k you all”

By admin on February 19th, 2009

alfie patten hoodie i'm the daddy.jpg

Cute little 13-year old father Alfie Patten showed off what is perhaps the best hoodie, ever. The grey marl sweatshirt has a fetching neon print on the back telling the world: ‘”I’m the daddy” If I’m not “Fuck you all I’ll still be there”‘. Wonderful.

Please, please, please let this be available online soon!



Happy Socks make the perfect finishing touch to your outfit.

By admin on November 25th, 2008

happy socks.jpg
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Happy Socks are making waves all over the blogosphere, the Swedish sock company launched in Europe recently and even has its own Facebook Group.

I still wear my dad’s cast off socks (the shame!) but it’s high time I got myself some socks which add a little chic to my outfits instead of poking out disgracefully from my shoes. I like Happy Socks’ bicolour pairs which mean you can choose a sober colour with a flash of something a little brighter. At 7 Euros each the socks ain’t exactly cheap but spending out on fancy accessories sets the men from the boys, it shows attention to detail and impeccable grooming. There’s also the added bonus that if you buy 3 pairs the shipping is free.

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WISHLIST: Prada Lifestyle Sets

By Will Reid on June 16th, 2008

prada.jpgWhile most men opt for the safe bet of ties, socks and other traditional Father’s Day gifts, I have always wanted to get something better. I spend weeks and months searching for something perfect in its masculine luxury, but when your dad works for Tesco’s your options are sadly limited. As a result, I often end up presentless and apologetic by the Third Sunday of June (like today, for instance.)

I was a fan of Isabelle’s ‘Caviar’ ties but only this afternoon (how horrendously cruel is that?) found these Prada Lifestlye sets.

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