Space Oddity at 45: five strange cover versions

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On 11 July 1969, David Bowie’s Space Oddity was released as a single – making it 45 years old today. Reaching number five on the UK singles chart, the song propelled the young Bowie into the public eye and gained momentum over the years, achieving international success. Upon its 1973 re-release, it hit number 15 on the Billboard Chart, making it Bowie’s first hit …

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AMPAS Gold Standard Series

David Bowie to play Glastonbury? The bets are on.

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Everyone knows that The Rolling Stones are the main attraction at Glastonbury this weekend. However the internet has been awash with rumours that a certain other vintage pop star who is on the comeback trail, might play a secret set at the fest. Yep William Hill is offering odds of 6/1 on David Bowie playing Glasto with him at 10/1 …

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Sennheiser launches Momentum limited edition headphones inspired by David Bowie

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Rock star endorsed hardware has been a huge trend over the late few years, from Dr Dre’s Beats through to Motorhead’s goes louder than eleven audio range, every influential musician seems to be getting in on the act. Now Sennheiser has landed one of the coolest collaborations of all. It is offering a limited edition (500 copies only) pair of …

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bowie-paul smith

Paul Smith launches range of David Bowie T-shirts

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David Bowie is obviously thinking about his pension. He not only has a new album out next week – and it is rather good apparently – he has also teamed up with iconic Brit designer Paul Smith to launch a range of T-shirts. With all due respect to Mr Smith this hardly looks like his most challenging projects, The shirts, …

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David Bowie’s The Next Day – the best comeback album ever?

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Simon Poulter of the excellent What Would David Bowie Do? blog salutes the magnificent return of his hero. When What Would David Bowie Do? was conceived in a fit of pique one June morning in 2010, it was generally assumed that the object of its title was quietly enjoying retirement in New York, walking daughter Lexi to school and basking …

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20 stunning pics of football grounds, top iPhone cases and accessories and more

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The latest top stories from Brandish and our pals The most controversial TV shows ever made – with videos 150 years of The Tube – some amazing pics David Bowie – the Cocaine years 20 stunning aerial photos of football grounds – check out the Maracana in Rio Hamburg’s Son Heung-Min Gallops 60m Before Cracking In From Edge Of The …

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Happy Birthday David Bowie – and thanks for Where Are We Now? a lovely present…

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Simon Poulter edits What Would David Bowie Do, so he seemed the right person to have the last word on what has been a momentous day for fans of the Dame. So the Dame is back, back, BACK. Unexpected and brilliantly unannounced. On his 66th birthday (a date he appropriately shares with Elvis Presley), out of seemingly nowhere, David Bowie …

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David Bowie’s best album? Forget Ziggy and Hunky Dory.

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Personally I think it was all downhill for David Bowie after his 1966 mod-pop masterpiece Can’t Help Thinking About Me, but I do know that a few people rate Hunky Dory, Ziggy and that weird one with the New Romantics on it, and it is his birthday so I won’t moan about his later output. Instead but put your prejudices …

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Bowie is back! David’s top 5 overlooked songs revisited

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Ziggy Stardust. The Thin White Duke. David Robert Jones. Whatever you call him, David Bowie, the chameleon of pop, is back! Celebrating today his 66th birthday, the enigmatic icon marked the occasion with the release of a new single ‘Where Are We Now’ and news of a new album called ‘The Next Day’ touching down in March. You can listen …

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David Bowie

David Bowie celebrates 66th birthday with new single, Where Are We Now

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It is difficult to contain my excitement this morning. Just as I had (along with most other people) assumed Bowie was enjoying retirement counting his royalties from last summer’s playing of Heroes, up he pops with a new single and an album promised. Called Where Are We Now, and produced by Tony Visconti, the new single sounds quite melancholy – …

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The Rolling Stones '50 and Counting' Concert - Newark

The case for the Live album – and which is the best one ever?

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Simon Poulter of What Would David Bowie do? Puts the case for the live album… You’ve bought the singles, bought the album, bought the concert ticket, bought the T-shirt, bought your bus ticket home and now you’re being asked to buy it all over again as a live album of the show you’ve only just returned from. And, yes, you …

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20 Most Iconic Rock ‘n’ Roll Hairstyles

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Rock ‘n’ roll can be broken down as follows: 10% fashion, 10% music and 110% HAIR. We know that adds up to 130%. That’s why we’re writing for a fashion site and aren’t quantum physicists. But it also acts to highlight just how important good hair can be in the making of a musical and cultural icon, and cementing the status …

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‘Priceless’, Antony Price’s tailored collection for Topman

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Antony Price worked for Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music in the ’80s as a stylist and was responsible for the Lou Reed ‘Transformer’ album cover. Pivotal in forming the louche, ultra sexy look that defined that period Price has also collaborated with David Bowie and Duran Duran. He currently works on made-to-measure as well as Daphne Guinness’ line of shirts.

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