Consuelo Castiglioni’s 10 rules of style

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This month’s 10 rules are by Marni creative director Consuelo Castiglioni. As usual there are a couple of universal rules (find your own style, don’t follow every trend etc) but she also brings up the vanity of Italian men, liking men is suits that are slightly too small for them and the importance of shoes.

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Lucas Ossendrijver’s 10 rules of style

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In this month’s Details, Lanvin’s Lucas Ossendrijver delivers his 10 rules of style. While we’ve heard some of these rules before, an interesting one he brings up is that ‘You shouldn’t adapt to what people expect you to wear’. I think that’s an interesting point and one to remember when you get stuck in a style rut.

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Váronique Nichanian’s ten rules of fashion

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Rules, rules, rules. Who need them? Apparently men into fashion clearly do, otherwise wouldn’t have monthly features on the ten rules of fashion. This month is Váronique Nichanian’s turn and the Hermes menswear designer chimes in with her ten rules of fashion.

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Beckham pipped to be sporting style leader

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US men’s fashion experts are hoping that David Beckham will inject a bit of style into the sporting world in America. "Hopefully it will inspire them to lift their game," said Adam Rapoport, style editor at men’s fashion magazine GQ. "I think athletes respond to competition well. If someone’s looking better than them they want to get on par with …

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