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Diet Butcher Slim Skin Hi Tops

By admin on April 21st, 2008

dbss hitops.jpg

If you like the colours of the Jaime Hayon shoes but think they’re a little low cut, you’ll love these Diet Butcher Slim Skin hi-tops. Although high tops are as rare as a Fred Perry collaboration these days, the colourways stand out right now, seeing as you can seemingly only get ice white or day glo high tops these days.

The subtle metallic coating allows every colourway to be subtle, which is quite a feat for red and green trainers. If you’ve been sufficiently tempted, then put your card back in your wallet. These aren’t out til May at the earliest.

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Diet Butcher Slim Skin Sheer layered t-shirt

By admin on April 4th, 2008

dbsk shirt.jpg

We’ve mentioned Diet Butcher Slim Skin on
Brandish before, but now you can actually buy their items online, we feel their
pieces are worth another look. If you like the look of sheer fabrics on the
catwalk but are worried about getting beaten up by idiots, this layered
is a great way of dipping your toes into the trend.

The sheer layer of the tee is detachable
and can therefore be matched with any number of items (as demonstrated by
StyleSalvage) making the sheer fabric quite wearable – something you’d never
call sheer fabrics seeing how it was worn on catwalks. These are available from
Blackbird and cost $245.

Designer Spotlight

Diet Butcher Slim Skin

By admin on February 15th, 2008


Diet Butcher Slim Skin – which
manages to win the awards of best & worst brand name simultaneously – are
another Japanese brand that feature Punk influenced clothing with a
contemporary Japanese twist. With Pinstriped purple coats, wraparound cardigans
and a waistcoat that can be tied at the bottom, it’s definitely more daring
than fellow counterpart Lad Musician. They’re also more clearly influenced by
bands such as The Clash and The Jam, whilst Lad Musician are influenced by The
Rolling Stones.

Whilst this may look like more teasing,
this time Diet Butcher Slim Skin are actually sold in Doors by Jas M.B. They’re only
available in stores, but that’s better than nothing.

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