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Doctor Who? Matt Smith- Actor and Possible Style Idol?

By Will Reid on January 5th, 2009

doctorwhoMatt Smith, a 26-year old actor and relative unknown, has been made the new Doctor Who and if not for anything else, he will be known as the youngest ever Doctor. Smith has appeared in theatre productions ‘That Face’ and ‘Swimming with Sharks.’ Smith is creating considerable drama with his appointment as The Doctor and my favourite (albeit unreliable) Daily Mail is reporting suspicions of a betting-related scandal.

With his thin frame, gauche mannerisms and androgynous looks, I think we have a potential style idol on our hands. What do you think? Tell us on our Facebook wall.

(Image Source: Daily Mail)

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Stephen Fry creates his own Ben & Jerry’s ice cream

By admin on October 31st, 2008

stephen-fry.jpgEngland’s Greatest Living Gentleman, Stephen Fry, has been honoured by the patron saints of ice cream, Mr Ben and Mr Jerry.

Fry, who would probably be most people’s choice as the new Doctor Who if only he were a couple of decades younger, acquired the flavour “Even Stephens” while filming Stephen Fry In America.

Apparently it mixes vanilla, chocolate and walnut, and Stephen himself chose those there ingredients. He’s since had a batch sent to him at his lair of gentlemanliness so he can enjoy it at home, the lucky spod. No word on whether you’ll be able to find it at your local Iceland anytime soon, unfortunately.

Imagine how clever you could pretend to be while you stuffed your face with Stephen Fry ice cream. Why, every belch would feel positively loquacious.

[source: Digital Spy]

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