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The best Christmas gifts for her: gadgets, fashion, accessories and beauty

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on December 12th, 2012

Let’s talk Christmas guys. Have you started thinking about presents for the missus yet, or will you do a mad dash around the shops the last weekend, picking up things willy-nilly without any thought or love put into it? I’ll be honest, unless it’s a really expensive diamond ring or a trip to Tokyo, most women will notice that you haven’t put much planning into your shopping and resorted to the last-minute-panic-buy approach. We’re clever that way you see.

Now you haven’t got much time if you’d like to give your lady a great gift this year. But don’t panic just yet. Over on Brandish’s sister-sites ShinyShiny and ShinyStyle there are some superb Christmas gift ideas that I’m sure your girlfriend/fiance/wife would like – and five Christmas gifts women definitely DON’T want to find under the tree this year.

If she’s a geeky girl, here are 10 cool gadgets and accessories, all over £100 to make sure you’ll stay in the good books, or if you’ve spent a bit too much going out with your mates, 10 rather fun gifts under £50. For the more fashion and beauty obsessed girl, you can find 25 Christmas gifts women want easily or if you’re thinking about getting her a jumper look no further – these are the 10 best Nordic-inspired sweaters around.

While you think about which Christmas gift list to browse, here are the Victoria’s Secret Angels singing a festive song. I know, we think about everything… Happy shopping!

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US Vogue April 2008- LeBron James and Gisele Bundchen

By Will Reid on March 18th, 2008

For possibly the first time in its history, US Vogue is attracting attention for something other than its general lack of interest. The reason; this year’s ‘Shape Issue’ features LeBron James, the 6 ft 8 basketball player, posing with Gisele Bundchen, the 5 ft 11 supermodel.

So, still questioning why this could be seen as interesting by those within the fashion world? Well this is only the third time that a male has been featured on a US Vogue cover (after Richard Gere and George Clooney) and the first time that said male has been of colour- satisfied yet? Within the magazine, we have a feature which takes models like Gisele Bundchen and Doutzen Kroes and pairs them with athletes like Shaun White and Apolo Ohno. It is rare that so many stars come together (especially for fashion) and all those included are at the top of their game (pardon the use of this particular expression.) This is an issue for everyone and although some cynics are predicting a major letdown, let’s look up. In the case of 6 ft 8 LeBron, you’ll be doing it anyway.

See after the jump for great screencaps from a video on the issue. (Source: The Fashion Spot)

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