Womenswear gets its cues from Menswear

Chances are if you’re a Brandish reader then you’re already well aware of the importance of menswear, but today Jean Schneides in WWD did some catwalk investigating and concluded that you need to keep one on the menswear collections at all times, if you want a preview of what the womenswear collections will look like a few weeks or months later.

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adminWomenswear gets its cues from Menswear

‘Boutique’ of the week: Browns Shoes

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Browns, the inimitable high fashion store of South Molton Street have opened a mens shoe store on nearby Brook Street. Billed modestly as ‘probably the best mens shoe store in the world’, the newly opened shoe emporium promises a distinct experience with comfy sofas, complimentary refreshments and free wi-fi.

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Colin Chapman‘Boutique’ of the week: Browns Shoes

Paris Menswear shows: Hermés, Dries Van Noten and Raf Simons

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Part one of our Paris Menswear show round up, and both Hermés and Raf Simons wowed but for different reasons, check after the jump to see a short clip of the Raf Simons vid complete with rotating mirrors and you’ll see why the fash pack went mad for this one.

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adminParis Menswear shows: Hermés, Dries Van Noten and Raf Simons

Polyvore: The Beloved Tool is Brandished!

One of my own punk-inspired ‘sets’ combines Dries Van Noten trousers, a Uniqlo t-shirt, an image of inspiration and a black crayon with Vans for some high fashion-DIY.

Polyvore has long been the talk of fashionistas and our sister site, Catwalk Queen, runs a ‘Style This’ competition based completely around the image-making tool. Whether it’s a Vivienne Westwood tie or a Topman ring, styling outfits has never been easier! Granted, we men have it a bit harder in terms of finding a wide variety of items but just search for ‘man bag’ and you have a good page of man-bags.

And best/worst of all? After you’ve styled your outfits you can even buy everything you’ve included in your image.

Look out for more Brandish outfits or watch the Polyvore tutorials and send your own to isabelle@shinymedia.com!

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Will ReidPolyvore: The Beloved Tool is Brandished!

Sale alert – Dries Van Noten sheer shirt


Sheer shirts have been on the catwalk for a while now and still haven’t been taken up by many men. The reason for this is obvious – not many men want to wear any kind of see through fabric. The plus side of sheer is that it can transform ubiquitous pieces into daring ones instantly. Like this Dries Van Noten shirt.

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adminSale alert – Dries Van Noten sheer shirt

WISHLIST: Dries Van Noten Transparent Shirt


For those of you who haven’t watched Amy Winehouse’s performance at Nelson Mandela’s 90th Birthday, she does this thing where she pulls on her skirt while she sings. She looks to me a victim of ‘Summer Spirit.’

You know what I mean- when all you want to wear are your swimshorts and the thought of a buttoned up shirt and trousers makes you itch. Don’t worry Amy, I have found the answer to this shared problem and it comes in the form of Dries Van Noten’s transparent shirt.

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Will ReidWISHLIST: Dries Van Noten Transparent Shirt

Trends: Watch and Wear- Fashion’s Pick ‘n’ Mix


Since the beginning of time, life, and our own existence- man has been fascinated in choice. From peace protests to monumental civil rights movements, we have always had a taste for the mish-mash aspect of life. This obsession with accessibility has been translated onto this season’s catwalks.

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Will ReidTrends: Watch and Wear- Fashion’s Pick ‘n’ Mix

Paris Catwalk Report: Dries Van Noten


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While we’ve sang the praises of Dres Van
Noten’s suits on this site for a while now, we’ve never really liked the rest
of their menswear range. The aim for Van Noten was to make a menswear range as
appealing as their suits. Could they pull this off?

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adminParis Catwalk Report: Dries Van Noten

Sale: Dries Van Noten suit


We’re all going to need a suit at some
point in our lives, so why not get one on sale? Dries Van Noten are
a brand we’ve featured before and for good reason. Suits in general are pretty
timeless, unless you get one with skulls on it or something, so you’re safe in
the knowledge that they’ll never be out of season.  DVN suits are tailored impeccably, leading to
a very flattering fit.

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adminSale: Dries Van Noten suit