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A2B announces 6 new Electric Bikes

By shinychris on April 12th, 2013

A2B Hybrid24

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Unless you are a big aficionado of electric bikes, A2B is probably not a brand you’ve ever heard of. But they actually launched one of the first electric bikes, or e-bikes, nearly four years ago. Dubbed the A2B Metro it was quite well received at the time but at £2500 was quite pricey as well as fairly bulky, tipping the scales at a hefty 37Kg (about twice the weight of a conventional bike). Since then the company has gone through a number of changes, including new ownership (it is now owned by Indian scooter firm, Hero-Electric), a complete re-branding, and a shift towards manufacturing its top end bikes in Germany.

Still available, the A2B Metro has been renamed the Octave and there’s also a foldable electric bike, the Kuo, which at 19Kg is the lightest in the range. At London’s South Bank, A2B also announced six new models ranging in price from £1400 to a very pricey £2699. Included in the line up is the stylish retro looking Galvani (see Tech Digest review here) and the superfast 28mph Shima.

New models:

Shima (£2,450 – Spring 2013)
Galvani – Male and Female (£1,450 – Spring 2013)
Ferber (£1400 – Spring 2013)
Entz (from £2699 – Autumn 2013)
Ørsted (£1899 – Autumn 2013)
Obree (£2199 – Autumn 2013)

For more information on the range head to A2B’s website
To find out more about the e-bike market head here.


Brandish Christmas list #3 Kranium KR3 electric cycle

By Stefano on November 13th, 2012

Nothing splits cyclists more than the concept of electric bikes. For hardcore Wiggins types they are an affront to everything  that they cherish. However, more casual cyclists and tech heads see them as being not just cool but maybe the future of bikes.

Anyhow for commuters who want a quick way of getting to and from work electric cycles are a very good option especially if between your two destinations are sizable hills. Having used several electric bikes before I can nail the myth that if you use an electric bike any exercise goes out the window. Most electric cycles are designed so that the motor kicks in when you need a bit oomph. Not that many are powerful enough to take you long distances without you having to at least do a little pedalling. Besides there is nothing quite as invigorating as pedalling furiously and then  letting the engine kick in- you really do fly. It is Wiggins speed for less than slender and not quite totally fit types.

While I love the look of the GoCycle 2, the latest electric bike to hit my radar is the Kranium KR3 Platimum  from bike dealer Velorution (among others). So what’s cool about this. Well first unlike a lot of its rival, the battery is integrated into the frame, so it doesn’t even look like an electronic cycle. It has five pedal assisted speeds with the top one reaching around 20MPH. It has a pretty powerful battery on board too and everything is controlled by an on board computer which tells you how far you have cycled and how much power you have consumed.

Finally , also unlike a lot of its rivals, it is light enough to be picked up. Santa might have a few issues getting it down the chimney though. Yours for £1,895.

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