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The Kayenne by Aqua Sphere

By Laura on July 5th, 2011

While training for my Triathalon one of the most useful pieces of kit had to be my goggles.
It might seem a bit strange, but when you are fighting your way through the water surrounded by what seems like hundreds of other swimmers… you want to be able to see where you are going.

I am in no way new to swimming, in fact throughout school I worked as a lifeguard. So it is probably fair to say I have spent a lot of time in the water and been through my fair share of googles. As they can really impact your experience and performance it is important to get a good pair. One of my favourites have to be the Kayenne by Aqua Sphere. Made for open water and pool swimmers, the wide-angle lenses are scratch/fog resistant and offer swimmers 180 degree peripheral vision. If you are planning on doing any swimming this summer make sure to check them out.

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7 tips for training for a triathlon

By Laura on June 6th, 2011

Triathlon season is here and as those of you who follow us on Twitter will know I have signed up to compete in my first one next month.

Seeing as I couldn’t remember the last time I went to the gym, I decided to ask Dr Ralph Rogers from the London Orthopaedic Clinic for some top triathlon training tips. Dr Rogers is a consultant in sports & musculoskeletal medicine, specialising in soft tissue injuries, human performance, wellness and weight management. If you are training for a triathlon, marathon or just want to start exercising more read on!

1. Know what you’re signing up for – See your GP for a full check-up before undertaking any new exercise regime.

2. Increase exercise gradually – Never increase the duration or intensity of your regular exercise session by more than 10 per cent each week.

3. Prepare your body accordingly – Stretching and incorporate weight training to help muscles build strength.

4. Check your equipment – Ensuring equipment such as bike seats and even running shoes to be in good condition and suitable for the level you are training at.

5. Don’t over-do it – over-exertion and constant repetition can cause injury.

6. Recognise symptoms – it is essential to learn to recognise symptoms of various injuries and allow sufficient time to rest.

7. Typical triathlete injuries include -

‘Swimmer’s shoulder’ – swimming, especially freestyle, causes the shoulder to undergo repetitive overhead motion which may compromise microvasculature in the rotator cuff. This repeated micro trauma can result in the development of an inflammatory response and ultimately pain. Symptoms usually are reported as pain at the shoulder during the late recovery phase and early catch phase of your stroke.

‘Runner’s Knee’ (Chondromalacia Patella) – to prevent this common injury avoid hill climbs in both cycling and running, try riding higher in the saddle, and use strength training. ‘

Achilles Tendonitis’ – causing pain in posterior calf and insertion point on the heel. Overuse injury with symptoms often coming after an increase in volume, intensity, too much hill training, or poor equipment set-up.

To find out more about the London Orthopaedic Clinic check out their website here.

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Thom Browne Runs…In Thom Browne Cardies!

By Will Reid on April 28th, 2008

Thom Browne’s signature look of shrunken suit, sports socks and loafers has cemented him as a style icon for both sexes and his shows have even inspired my own trend reports. Now, has talked to him about his exercise regime (although running daily on tracks including Central Park, the Eiffel Tower and the Imperial Gardens of Japan are a luxury rather inaccessible to us hoi polloi.) But I really must warn you that the vid may leave you feeling slightly inferior- after all how many of us can claim to have completed 15 marathons worldwide and still be running in Thom Browne knitwear?


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