Chinese iPhone 6 clones are already on sale

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Why bother waiting for the iPhone 6 to launch, when you can just buy a cheap knock-off from China? The much anticipated handset hasn’t even been announced yet, but that hasn’t stopped people from trying to sell fake versions on Chinese retail websites like Taobao. How much are they? Around £18, so don’t expect a two-year warranty. The fakes look …

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WISHLIST: A Closet Session with à la Fake Karl

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anna wintour and karl lagerfeld.jpg

Now this looks like my kind of party!

I feel like a horrible, disgusting sorry excuse for a fashion follower. Why am I bound by such emotional wounds? Why do I feel so sick-minded and wrong?

Answer: I want an invitation to Fake Karl’s closet. Yes, it’s true! I, Will Reid, couldn’t think of anything this week that could be desired more than a day of hanging upside down with Anna and Karl sipping our “respective drinks.”

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