Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair’s ‘Favourite Jeans’: 3 looks in one!

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Here at Brandish we love a bit of versatility, which is why these jeans by Fifth Avenue Shoe repair are so perfect. At the top the fit is like a pair of oh-so-current roomy pleated pants, the anti-fit of these jeans also allows for a bit of drop-crotchness, whilst the legs actually taper down to the ankle. The interesting cut lends itself to many styling possibilities: but the genius touch is that the stretchy fabric (a quality, soft, stretch twill) allows the hem to be pulled up the leg to wear them as a slouchy cropped pant. At least three looks in one! The lovely detailing – like the ‘whiskering’ at back of knees also adds value. So, despite a hefty $279 dollar pricetag (plus shipping), they’re still a choice item.