The 10 best wearable gadgets

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Wearable technology has exploded into popularity in the last couple of years, and it’s not really surprising to see why. Who wouldn’t want to have technology as part of themselves rather than as a separate device you have to use with your hands? It’s still early days, and a lot of the really amazing tech is either expensive or isn’t …

10 issues Apple needs to address, and fast

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Some people people out there might argue that Apple are in the business of innovation, and that everything it does is to advance new technology. Those people would be wrong. Regardless of the ideologies that people within Apple might have it is, first and foremost, a business, and like any business its actions are always in the pursuit of profit. It’s …

The Top Five Smartwatches – Pebble, Samsung, LG and more

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If the rumours and leaks are to be believed, then Apple has been hard at work at creating its own smartwatch that will likely go on sale later this year. Unlike the iPhone, which arrived early on in the days of the transition towards smartphones, the iWatch seems to be a little bit late to the party. Smartwatches have been readily …

Brandish Poll: Leg-in a-Sock Style Jeans

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We’ve made you endure some pretty terrible things on Brandish (see here and here,) and now I present a sneaky snap of New Look’s new adjust-a-length jeans. The trick is you have to button up each different level of the jean depending on what you’re after; shorts, the semi-crop, full jeans or the button-embellished. Is it just me who gasps at this fashion indictment?