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C.R.E.A.M Weathertech

By Jonathan Smith on December 31st, 2008

As every self respecting middle class white boy of a certain age knows; the Wu Tang are awesome. With the exception of The W, an album that the world has collectively swept under the carpet, everything the Wu touches turns to gold so now is time for the acid test- do their children have the Midas touch? In this latest commercial from Fila the sons of Masta Killa, Power and GZA feature rockin’ the recent collab between the Wu and Fila: The Weathertech boot. The Weathertech, which is more 90′s than scratch and sniff is available now from Finishline stores in the States, so kinda inaccessible for us in the United of Kingdom but still it’s nice to know about these things.

[Source: Hypetrak]

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When We Were Casuals – for all your Fila, Reebok and, um, deerstalker needs

By admin on June 19th, 2008

deerstalker.jpgSay what you like about 80s football hooligans, but even while they were battering people’s heads in with metal poles, they had style. Or that’s the popular perception nowadays anyway – I’m sure they couldn’t ALL have been clad in Lacoste. Of course we don’t call this style of dress hooliwear, or whatever – it’s “terrace fashion”, sweetheart.

When We Were Casuals is a site that caters to the gentleman who likes his Fila, Adidas and Barbour gear. Yes, you can find Reebok Classics there, but you can also get some slightly more unusual bits and bobs – howsabout a Christy’s Deerstalker with silk lining? You know it’s just the thing you need to finish off your outfit. Only £40, too.


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