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Simon Amstell goes for the curly flat-top

By admin on October 6th, 2008

simon amstell haircut curly flat top never mind the buzzcocks.jpg
Simon Amstell has traded in his signature curly moptop for something altogether more defined and current. On last week’s episode of Never Mind the Buzzcocks he looked sharper with his new do and a subtly patterned shirt, but where were last season’s cardigan and tie combos?
The sides have been shaved giving the top height and shape, kind of like a curly flat-top, the haircut we wrote about a few months ago. This look has been big on the street for a good while now, but hopefully Simon’s face being beamed into millions of homes across the UK will inspire others to go for the chop…

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Poll: Flat-top haircuts, yay or nay?

By admin on April 16th, 2008

elvis quiff.jpgI wrote a piece on flat-top haircuts yesterday and I know that EJ at Style Salvage would probably give them a thumbs up but what about the rest of you?

Elvis sported the flat-top’s forebear, the quiff and his haircut apparently got voted the most iconic hairstyle (I never trust these surveys!) so he must have been doing something right. Post your vote after the jump.

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Return of the flat-top

By admin on April 15th, 2008

flat-top hair mens style luke perry bricolage.jpg
In the latest issue of GQ Style Charlie Porter is waxing lyrical about the ’21st Century Flat Top’ and I have to say I agree. It fits in with a new style preppiness and clean minimalism which is the antithesis of Hedi Slimane’s slimfit rockstar look.

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