QPR star suffers a bizarre head injury

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QPR defender, Steven Caulker has joined the shortlist for footballers most bizarre injuries. Today’s footballing culture has been told that head injuries are becoming severe in football, from headers and head collisions in the air. The FA are facing a tough battle to limit the amount of head injuries caused on the pitch. However, Caulker’s injury was no where near …

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3D printed ice cream is a deliciously difficult achievement

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We might be able to 3D print things like sweets and chocolate, but where’s the challenge there? Well students from MIT have gone and solved the problem of 3D printing one of life’s more volatile treats: ice cream. By using a home ice cream maker and a Solidoodle 3D printer, the trio managed to build a device that is not only able …

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Oh Dear- Is Someone Feeling The Credit Crunch?

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Yesterday we saw Jamie Hince donning a rather hobo-chic look and today we hear that Tony Simm, a Gordon Ramsay lookalike (emm…not quite,) has come forward to tell the world of how he is being verbally attacked as a result of the famous TV Chef’s supposed-affair.

Simm, aged 50, tells the Daily Mail that “everyone used to like him, and being his double meant I’d get lots of good attention everytime I left the house. But since the news of him and his alleged mistress hit the headlines, I’ve been called a love cheat by about 50 angry women of all ages.”

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Brandish Poll: Do You Diet?- And I Don’t Mean Butcher…

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As Beckham’s ‘people’ deny he’s been at all enhanced in the Armani pants department and Matt McConaughey is seen in D&G ads being hounded for his bod, it occurs to me that more than ever we men are striving for physical perfection.

More and more I am left sulking at lunch as male friends tell me they are banned from certain foods and no, before you ask, they’re not all gay. Or vain.

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