The real Ford Focus ST beats a virtual one at Goodwood FoS

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So which is faster – a real car, or a simulated version of one? Well now we know, kind of, for the former Stig, Ben Collins, managed to drive the new Ford Focus ST to victory against a computerised simulation of a Ford Focus ST at Goodwood Festival of Speed at the weekend. Just hours after making its global debut, …

Top Five: Will’s Summer Wants!

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Last summer I was down at Shiny Towers and the gloriously hot days were spent writing, chatting with my fellow Shinies, trying on Drop-Crotch jeans and touring the streets in search of aspirational street style. But despite all the joviality I didn’t quite anticipate the weather (although I refuse to take the blame for that one- when was the last time we had a proper summer?) and ended up the innocent victim of SSS (that’s Skinny jeans in Summer Syndrome.) This summer I am determined to get it right, which is why I have compiled this list of fashion needs (okay, wants.)

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1. Lots of Extra-Hold Hairspray