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Dress well? Yeh, prove it then

By Jonathan Smith on September 16th, 2008


Are you Esquire’s Best Dressed Real man? He is, rather he was. Frank Kelly, a Business Development manager from Miami, won the 2007 accolade along with a shed load of prizes and now Esquire is on the hunt for someone to steal Frank’s (manly) crown. Along with the title there is a prize package worth $40,000 including an IWC watch, a round trip flight in a Leare Jet, a $10,000 Esquire wardrobe and a trip the Ney York City.

The EBDRM website is chocked full of profiles and though most of the competition is laughable (seriously check out the site- I laughed for like a week) there are some diamonds in the rough so don’t count yourself a shoe in just because you own a waistcoat.

Check out the EBDRM website and get yourself a profile because you never know, you could be the style guru Esquire is looking for.

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